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Lesley introduces us to Season 3 of The Yoga Flow Show, where she will offer a variety of well-rounded Vinyasa practices that combine energizing flows, spiritual lessons, and good humor.
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Oct 05, 2016
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(splashing waves) Welcome to this season of the Yoga Flow Show. I'm Lesley Desaulniers. In this season you will experience the full practice. So together we will sweat, we will laugh, we will do balance sequences that all feature back bends and forward bends, inversions, lot of standing poses, hip openers. So you'll get the full experience, in addition to meditation and deep relaxation.

So when we put all of this together, philosophy is in there. When we put it all together, we leave feeling very whole and complete. Good in our bodies, good in the mind, it all works. So join me on the mat. Namaste.


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