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Season 3 - Episode 2

Meditation for a Quiet Mind

10 min - Practice


Meditation is a state of consciousness that arises as a result of certain techniques or practices. Lesley guides us through a guided meditation practice to help bring forth a calm and peaceful meditative state. The practice results in feeling more fully present and awake.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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(waves crashing) Namaste, this is your meditation quickie. The practice of meditation, like the practice of asana, the poses, is a yoga practice. So, just like we can really do yoga, yoga is state of consciousness that arises after certain practices, we can't really do meditation. So, similarly, meditation is a state of consciousness that arises after certain practices. So what we can do are these practices of concentration that might bring about the meditative state.

So the first step in any meditation practice is always just to establish your seat. So, I like to sit in a cross-legged position on the ground, lifting up a little bit on a blanket or two blankets. You're welcome to sit on a chair or put your back against the wall, but establish a comfortable position that you can hold without moving for a few minutes. And once you've established your seat, let your hands rest on your knees or your thighs, and close your eyes. With your eyes closed, start to notice the space that surrounds you.

Notice any sounds inside of the room or outside of the room. Notice the temperature of the room. Notice any smells. And in life, there will always be sounds, and smells, and temperatures that we like, and there will always be sounds, smells, temperatures that we don't like. But, for right now, see if you can allow yourself not to get too pulled by that swing of preferences.

See if you can allow yourself just to notice the space that surrounds you, without creating too much of a story about it. Bring your awareness now to your hands and see if you can experience your hands on a level perhaps a bit deeper than just skin, muscles, bones. Can you experience your hands as vibration? Pulsation in the palms of your hands? And now, find your breath.

Notice the point on your body where you're experiencing your breath most vividly right now. So, for some, this will be right at the center of the chest, at the heart center. For some, maybe the base of the nostrils, or even the third eye center, between your eyebrows and slightly back. But wherever you're experiencing your breath right now, try to hold your inner awareness there, and like an objective witness, just watch your body breathing. Watch the inhales, and the exhales, as they come in, and as they move out of your body.

As a simple practice and mindfulness, we'll just name that rising and falling of the breath, so with each incoming breath, silently repeat to yourself, in, and with each outgoing breath, out. In. Out. In. Out.

Continue on your own for a few moments. With each incoming breath, silently repeat to yourself, in. With each outgoing breath, out. In. Out.

About one more minute, stay with your breath, watching the inhales and the exhales. In. Out. In. Out.

And press your palms together at your heart center, and bow forward, sealing your practice.


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Love that I can have this everyday! Especially on the road. Thank you
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Thank you for this great 15 minutes. It so nice to get have a guided meditation
Enjoyed this guided meditation a lot.
Lovely. Just what I needed.
loved,  thanks Lesley
Love being able to practice with Lesley here. I miss her classes in studio!

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