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Season 1 - Episode 3

Strong and Steady Flow

60 min - Practice


Sarah guides us in a strong and steady vinyasa flow that targets the shoulders, core, hips, and legs. Moving with our breath, we find stability in standing postures, sweet openings in seated postures, and play towards inversions. This practice builds strength, stability, and stamina, resulting in a fresh flow of energy.
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(waves crashing) Welcome back. This is the power hour. I'm Sarah. We're gonna get right into our practice. In this practice you can expect a couple of opportunities to go upside down.

Whether or not you take them is totally up to you. Again, once we start to move, we're gonna continue to flow trying to connect the breath to movements and the shapes that we're making. So go ahead and just step up to the top of your space. Feet slightly separated, rolling your shoulders back, taking a moment just to get comfortable in your standing posture, your tadasana. Maybe even closing your eyes.

Squeezing energetically between your thighs, between your ankles and starting to pull the lower belly in and up towards your spine. In yoga we call this uddiyana bandha. It's just a very simple (slurping) feeling below the naval of the abdominal muscles starting to work, and at the same time shoulders pressed down and back. Breathing nice and deep through your nose and as you set your body up for your practice, set your intention as well. Whatever it is that brought you here on your mat with me.

(breathing deeply) Open your eyes. On an inhale reach your arms up, touch your palms together, gaze at your thumbs. As you exhale, fold forward over your legs. Let your head and your neck relax. Spiral your knees in towards the center line.

On an inhale look forward, roll your shoulders back, exhale, fold again. Look between your knees. Keeping the legs really strong, inhale coming all the way back up, palms touch, exhale to release. We'll do two more like that just warming up the back of the legs. Inhale, reaching up.

Exhale, fold forward. It's okay to bend the knees. On an inhale looking up, exhale, folding forward. Inhale, pressing up. Palms touch, exhale to release.

Last time like this. Inhale reaching your arms up. Exhale hinging forward, strong in the belly, head relaxes. Inhale halfway up. Exhale, fold.

Inhale pressing through the feet, palms touch, exhale to release. Adding a little bit now, inhale arms up, palms touch, belly draws in. As you exhale fold forward. Head relaxes. Inhale halfway up.

Press your hands into the floor and step back into a high plank. So, this is the top of a push up, fingers spread nice and wide. Imagine you're holding something in your armpits like chopsticks or pencils, so you have something to squeeze. So that even though we're facing the floor, the chest is broadening, belly pulls in, legs are nice and strong, taking an inhale and as you exhale push forward, elbows squeeze in, lower down, inhale, push back up. One more like that.

Exhale, elbows in, inhale, push up, belly towards the spine, rocking back to our first downward facing dog. Often the first downward dog needs to be taken for a little walk. Pedaling the legs. Wiggling around, just getting comfortable in the back of the body and in the shoulders as well, biceps roll away from your ears. Head and neck relax.

Belly towards the spine. (breathing deeply) Looking forward, inhale rolling forward to your plank once more. Getting in shape, pressing through the finger pads, exhale, roll back. One more time, rolling forward. This time dropping the hips, keeping the toes tucked, pulling the chest forward into an up dog, belly towards the spine, rolling back.

So, let's do that one more time. Come up on to your tiptoes. Rounding forward, making space, hips drop, chest pulls through, shoulders roll out, head lifts, exhale, rolling back. (breathing deeply) From your down dog looking forward, stepping or jumping up. Maybe the feet go a little closer together.

Inhale halfway up, exhale, fold. As we did in the beginning, pressing through the feet, inhale and exhale to release. Standing with your feet all the way together, ankles touch, take an inhale and as you exhale, sink your hips back, sweep your biceps alongside your ears, belly towards the spine, and shoulders pulled back away from your ears. Take a few moments here, get comfortable in your legs, using the hamstrings, the glutes, pressing down into the heels, breathing nice and deep. (breathing deeply) Take an inhale and as you exhale, fold forward.

Inhale looking up, step your leg back. Keep the left heel lifting, move your right knee forward. Shoulders away from your ears and make sure that you're comfortable here, that your right foot is firmly planted into the floor. It all starts here with your feet. Belly towards the spine, inhale reaching up into a lunge, committing to it, moving the right knee forward, pulling the back heel up for one, two, (breathing deeply) three.

On an exhale bring your fingertips to the floor. Give yourself a little bounce, jump switch. Left foot goes between your hands, right heel pulls up and again, take your time here and make sure that you're stable, and on an inhale lifting up. One, two, three. On an exhale bring your hands to the floor.

Go back to plank. Shoulders squeeze in. Armpits squeeze in. Take an inhale. Pushing forward exhale, chaturanga.

Inhale, tucking the toes or flipping them. Up dog, exhale, down dog. (breathing deeply) Looking forward from your dog, at the eyes of your elbows, the inside and turn them out and bring your forearms to the floor. Let your head and your neck relax. Do what you would do in a down dog.

Press up through the backs of your thighs, up into the hip grease, belly towards the spine. (breathing deeply) If possible, lift your elbows up at the same time back to down dog. One more time like that, turning the elbows out and sinking them towards the floor either at the same time or one followed by the other. Big breaths squeezing energetically for one, two, three, four, five. Slow and steady, elbows back up.

Look forward, bend your knees, jump or step up, and sit down. From seated, extend your legs out in front of you and imagine that you are rooted down into your hip bones, into your seated bones and your heels are moving away from you, but the toes are coming back towards your face. Press your palms into the floor and send your chest forward as your belly goes (slurping) towards your spine. Really strong work equally through the heels, through the head. Take an inhale, reach your arms up and as you exhale fold forward.

Peace fingers to your toes. It's okay to bend your knees, inhale, lengthen, and exhale, fold. One, try and keep the belly moving towards the spine, two, breathing towards the ribs, three, four, five. Inhale lifting up and as you exhale, place your hands behind you and bend your knees. Hands go into the floor, and then all we're gonna do is see if we can bend our elbows.

Straight back. Arms straightened, elbows bent. Arms straightened, elbows bent. You can continue like this, elbows bent, arms straightened or a little (slurping) in the belly. Hips lift just enough to make it interesting.

Elbows bent, arms straightened, elbows bent, arms straightened, that's two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, (slurping) nine, ten. The next time your are straight, push your hips up, drop your head back and then very slowly with control hips back down, crossing the feet, hands in front of you, go back to a downward facing dog. Catch up to your breath, in and out through the nose. Walk your left foot a little bit closer to the center and inhale, right leg goes back, exhale knee to nose, inhale back, exhale knee to right elbow or tricep inhale back, knee to left elbow or tricep, inhale back and then one time all at once, knee to nose, right tricep, left tricep and back. Looking forward, right foot steps up, left foot goes 45 degrees, lengthen.

Make sure that you have stability through that back leg. Take your time. Inhale reaching up warrior one. Warrior one is a good pose for stability to take the time to notice the breath connecting to the feet, really committing to that front leg. (breathing deeply) Interlace your fingers behind your tail bone, open your chest, take an inhale and as you exhale, drop your head.

One, stay committed to the legs, two, three, pressing the right heel into the floor, four, five, bring your hands to the floor, turn your left toes forward and bring your right foot near your wrist. Push your left heel back and sink your right knee towards your right wrist. Check on your back leg. See that it's pointed straight back. Flex your right foot, fingertips alongside the foot and the knee, lifting the chest, taking an inhale, deciding if you want to stay here or exhale bringing your forearms to the floor, letting your head drop.

Check in with the quality of your breath. Deepening a little bit here, keep your eyes open, stay present. (breathing deeply) As you're ready lifting your head, placing your hands on the floor, left toes tuck, pushing up, sending your right leg up and back, dog at a fire hydrant. Equal work in the arms and legs, and then we're not quite done with that right leg yet, sending it back up between your hands, turn your back foot 90 degrees, place your right hand inside of your right foot. Right knee and right shoulder snuggled together as the left arm peels up.

Looking up, shoulders away from the ears, belly towards the spine. What you do with your head is up to you. You can look down or you can look up for three, four, five. On an exhale sending your left hand to the floor, left toes turn in, stepping back, separating the feet, belly towards the spine, exhale, chaturanga, inhale, big up dog, exhale, down dog. (breathing deeply) Looking forward, turning the eyes of your elbows out and this time we're gonna almost bring them to the floor.

This is a turbo dog. So, we're kind of energetically squeezing in, doing the work of dog in the lower body and really firing up in the shoulders and core. Straightening, let's try one more time. It's not easy. Don't worry if it feels tough.

It's tough for most people. What we're looking for is this rotation in the shoulders and then sinking down and pressing back up for two, big breath, three, four, five. Straightening the arms, looking forward, jump or step up and sit down. Take your left leg out in front of you and bring your right food inside of your left thigh like you would for tree pose, adjusting so that you're comfortable whether your right knee is 45 degrees or 90 is up to you and how you feel. Lengthen and as you exhale right hand and left hand go to the foot or to the floor near the leg depending on your flexibility.

Find length in your spine and imagine that your belly button and your ribs are moving over your left leg. As you exhale drop your head. Take the time here to connect to how you're breathing, what it feels like to be here. If you're flexy bendy enough to let the elbows touch the floor, don't do it. Keep them up and active, staying present.

On an inhale lift yourself back up. Walk your hands in, cross your feet, placing your hands alongside your hips, and kind of pressing your ankles in towards one another, belly to the spine, pelvic floor goes (slurping), lift up, set your butt back down. Try the other side. Left foot inside of your thigh, ankle almost all the way up to the groin, a little rotation sometimes helps to get that feeling of the ribs and belly over the thigh extending, lengthening, exhale to drop the head. (breathing deeply) Depending on what your body is like, you might look more like this with your head lifted slightly further from the leg and hands on the floor.

Either way, staying committed to a full breath, staying connected to the center, (breathing deeply) and then slowly lifting up, take your feet together, roll onto the floor, give yourself a moment to adjust here, letting the knees relax a little bit. Making sure that your body is okay with this. If it's not, you can put pillows underneath your knees or hang out for a minute and join us when we come back up to standing. Interlacing your hands behind your head. If you're good to go here pressing the heels together, press your sacrum into the floor.

So, the small of your back presses down. Belly moves towards the spine. Take an inhale and as you exhale, lift up, inhale back down, exhale lift up, inhale down. This time exhale through your mouth. (exhaling) Inhale down.

(exhaling) Go back and forth so that the inhale starts to take care of itself. All we have to do is this. (exhaling loudly) Breathing audibly through the mouth, pressing the heels together, sucking the belly down. (exhaling repeatedly) It's okay to feel like your belly gets really warm or wobbly, that's what we want. Keep pulling the navel down away from your shirt.

Keep your heels pressing together. (exhaling loudly) A few more (exhaling loudly) and then coming down, releasing your hands, bringing your knees together. Switching it out a little bit and breathing into your belly. Pull your knees in to your chest, roll yourself up, step back, down down. (breathing deeply) Catching up to the breath, adjusting as you need with the right leg, so that we can send the left leg up and back.

Exhale knee to nose, inhale back, exhale knee to left elbow, inhale back, knee to right elbow, inhale back. Once all together. Knee to nose, left elbow, right elbow, back and sending the left leg forward. Right food pivots 45 degrees, making sure that your foundation is stable. There's even a little bit of work in the core here to keep the torso from pressing into the leg.

Take an inhale, reaching up, warrior one. Adjusting as you need with the arms to make the shoulders comfy, staying connected to the breath, (breathing deeply) interlacing the fingers, opening the chest, take an inhale and exhale, drop your head. Belly towards the spine for two, three, strong right leg, four, five. Bring your hands to the floor, turn your right toes in. Step your left foot near your right wrist, left knee moves towards the left wrist, check on your back leg, make sure that it's straight back and depending on how your body's built, you might need to move your left heel closer to your groin.

That's fine. Lengthen, extending. You can stay here or exhaling the fold forward. Let your head drop, (breathing deeply) keep your eyes open, stay available to what's happening in your body. (breathing deeply) As you're ready lifting your gaze, walk your hands back towards your leg, the right toes tuck under, the belly pulls towards the spine as we hoist that left leg up and out, giving it a little shake, a dog at the fire hydrant or three legged dog.

Keeping the work steady in the shoulders and then once more sending that left leg up between your hands, right foot pivots 90 degrees, left hand inside of your left foot, the shoulder and left knee pressed together, sit bone's kind of tuck underneath so you feel your lower back, lengthening, reaching your right arm up, shoulders away from the ears, taking a moment here to feel that right leg pressing down, the belly pulling in, (breathing deeply) and then slowly bringing your hands to the floor, right toes turn in. Step back into a plank. Stay in shape. Exhale chaturanga, inhale up dog, exhale down dog, (breathing deeply) looking forward, bend your knees, give yourself a little sort of baby bounce and then forget that you have arms. You don't have arms at all.

You have steel rods. Pressing the shoulders into the body, squeezing energetically between your elbows, take a big exhale, (exhaling) looking forward, jumping your feet near your hands, jump back, lift your butt, keep your knees bent, kind of cultivating this springy feeling, jump up, jump back. One more time like that. Bending your knees, pressing the shoulders up, jumping up, lengthen, and exhale fold, letting your head relax, separate your feet a little bit, bend at the knee, roll up. Finding your tadasana, pressing your feet into the floor, energizing the legs, inhale, reach your arms up, palms touch, exhaling fold forward, let your head drop as your fingers come to the floor.

On an inhale look up, slide your shoulders back into your ribs, place your palms on the floor, bending your knees if you need to, because we're gonna do that anyway. Belly towards the spine, bending a little bit more, so that you feel a little bounce in your hips keeping your gaze forward, press your hands into the floor and exhale, send your legs back, plank. So, once more we don't have arms. We have steel rods and we're pressing the floor away, squeezing the legs towards one another, belly towards the spine, holding the chopsticks in the armpits. It's a full body thing.

You should feel warm. You should feel a little wobbly in the belly. That's okay. Right leg goes up, knee to right elbow, back. Try not to move the shoulders, right knee to left elbow, back.

One more time, knee to elbow, back, right knee to left elbow, plank. Squeezing in, staying in shape, left leg comes up. Left knee, left elbow back. Left knee, right elbow back. Left knee, left elbow back.

Left knee, right elbow plank. Lift your hips, catch up to your breath, and let your head relax. Maybe take a slightly more relaxed down dog. Just releasing in the shoulders. (breathing deeply) Looking forward, bending your knees, trying to get the feeling of steel rods instead of arms, jumping up.

Feet between your hands, lengthen and exhale fold. On an inhale pressing into the feet, coming all the way up and exhale to release. Stepping out on your mat, take your hands to your hips, making sure that your heels are more or less in the same line, turn your right toes away. Extend your arms out and as you exhale lunge into your right leg. You can check your own alignment.

Looking at the right knee, you should only be able to see your right big toe. Back foot snuggles in. Taking a moment to find your breath, find your pose, bring your left hand in front of your belly and as you inhale reach your right arm back over your right ear and exhale, right elbow to your thigh. Left arm goes up and over your ear. Inhale reversing once more, right arm reaches back, exhale, right elbow to your thigh, inhale coming back up.

Straighten your right leg, hands to your hips and walk your feet a little bit closer together, pigeon toeing your toes. Inhale lift up and as you exhale fold forward over your legs, bring your hands to the floor inside of your feet, lengthen and as you exhale, fold. Let your head drop, let it relax, shoulders up away from your ears. If it feels comfortable for you at the top of your head can come to the floor, elbows press up, shoulders press up, maybe the heels start to lift bringing your feet up into a tripod headstand keeping the integrity in the shoulders, in the belly. Taking the feet back down, slowly, avoiding the flowers, inhale looking up, no matter where you were, bringing your hands back to your hips and inhale, come all the way back up.

Turn your left toes out, checking your heels making sure that you have that nice line. Arms away from your body, exhale to lunge and again, relax here as much as you can. Your legs are doing the work pressing into the heels and then pulling up through the legs into the belly and out through your fingers. (breathing deeply) Right hand in front of the belly, inhale, reaching back, reverse warrior, exhale, left elbow to your thigh, right arm reaches up, inhale reversing and exhale, elbow to the thigh. Inhale coming back up, straightening the leg, turning the toes in.

Once more hands at your hips, adjusting for comfort with the distance of your legs. Interlace the fingers behind your tailbone, look up and as you exhale, fold. Let your head relax, let gravity to the work. If you need a little more spunk in your shoulders keeping the heels of the hands pressing together, reaching up and back, taking your time, emphasizing your breath. (breathing deeply) On an inhale look up as you bring your hands to the floor.

Turn your right toes forward, turn your left foot 45 degrees as you walk your hands on either side of your right foot. Staying on your fingertips for space, inhale, look up, try and send your right hip back and your left hip forward, squeeze the legs together, taking an inhale and exhale drop your head. You're upside down again. Your heart is above your head. You're exhale is easier.

Keep integrity in the breath the same way that you keep integrity in the body. (breathing deeply) On your next inhale looking forward you can place your left hand a little bit further out from your right foot so that you have a little more space. Keeping the legs really strong, peel that right arm up, belly comes with you into the twist, looking up towards your right hand. On an exhale bring your right hand to meet your left, staying on your fingertips, float your left leg up. Look forward with your eye for a moment and as you exhale, walk your hands back, let your head drop, shoulders away from your ears.

It doesn't matter how high your back leg gets, we want to the hip bone looking towards the floor. (breathing deeply) On an inhale looking up, drop your back leg, walk your right foot towards the outside of your mat and your hands inside of your right foot. Staying of the left knee just for a moment and moving into the right knee. If you feel like you need to the left knee can come down, you can stay on your forearms or on your hands, as you like for two, three, four, five. Place your forearms on the floor if you're not there already, spread your fingers wide, left leg picks, send your right leg back to meet it.

Touch your left hand to your right elbow, roll to the outside of your left foot, lift up into your hips, peel your right arm up for two, three, head can look down or look up, four, five. Right hand comes back down, staying in shape, finding your plank, lifting your hips, walking your toes in. Arms up, hands walk back, down dog. (breathing) In whatever fashion works the best for you send your left leg forward between your hands, right foot steps up and moves 45 degrees. Staying on your fingertips, so that you have a little bit more space, lengthen, and again, we want to make sure the pelvis is square, sending the left leg back and the right hip forward, on an exhale, folding.

This is a good opportunity to listen, your legs are different, hips are different. (breathing deeply) You might feel like you have more space. You might feel like you have less. Try and treat everything the same through the commitment to your breath, staying centered in the body. (breathing deeply) On an inhale lifting your gaze, right hand goes a little further out so we have a little bit more space for the twist.

Inhaling reaching up, belly comes with us, breastbone comes with us, eyes can go with you or maybe you wanna look down. We're really staying committed to the legs, and then from here slowly bringing that left hand down to meet the right, so that you have a little more space. We want to make this as easy as possible. Taking the right leg up. Again, hips are different, legs are different.

You can stay here or as you exhale maybe your head goes down a little bit more. Belly stays (slurping), left heel stays pressed in. We're not trying to open the hip, but keep the right hip facing down. (breathing deeply) Dropping your back leg, walk your left foot towards the outside of your mat, hands go inside, left knee moves a little bit towards the baby toe side of your foot as your right heel extends. You can stay here or you can bring your elbows to the floor, you can drop your right knee, one, (breathing deeply) two, you can always change your mind, three, four, five.

If your elbows are not already on the floor, bring them to the floor. Place your hands on the mat, step your left leg back, chopsticks in the armpits, corset around the ribs, right hand touches your left elbow as you roll to the outside of your right foot, lifting your hips, reaching your left arm up for two, three, four, five. Bring your left hand to the floor, finding your plank, take your knees down, rock yourself back into a child's pose. Forehead to the floor, relaxing the belly. (breathing deeply) From your child's pose lift your gaze, roll yourself up and just transition so that you're lying on your back with your feet behind your hips, flattening the shoulders down and you wanna be able to touch your heels with your baby finger or your middle finger, so that the pinky side of hands presses into the floor.

Belly continues to move towards the spine, so we're still using our abdominal muscles, but start to lift your hips moving your knees towards the front of the room and your thigh bone goes up. Everything else presses down. Staying here for two, trying to keep the knees moving towards one another, three, four, five. Very slowly drop yourself back down. As soon as you touch the floor with the tailbone, inhale lift back up.

One, again, the idea is that the thigh bone goes up. Everything else goes down, two, you should feel firm in your butt, but not squeezing together, three, triceps press down, four, five. Slowly back down, one more time like this. Inhale lifting up, making sure the legs are nice and strong. One, some people like to interlace the fingers underneath the tailbone, two, pressing down through the baby side of the finger, three, four, stay with your breath, five.

Moving your hands out of the way, slowly back down. Take a moment and wiggle a little bit. We have a bit of a choose your own adventure moment here. Option one, do that again. Option two, making sure that your hair is out of the way, placing your hands on the floor alongside your ears, elbows in.

So, in your peripheral vision you can only see your elbows and your shoulders. Taking advantage of this upper body work, nice and open in the chest, pressing the heels down and inhaling pressing up, staying here, letting the head relax for one, some people might choose to walk the heels in, two, three, four, five. Come all the way down or bend your elbows, touch your head to the floor, press back up, one, listen to what feel right for your back, your legs, two, if you're in the wheel like me moving your chest three, towards what you can see, four, five. Slowly tucking the chin, lowering back down, pulling the knees in, giving yourself a little wobble, widening your base a bit, and often it feels nice after back bending to just roll a little bit. Circles, switching the knees out.

Do what you need to do to get comfortable in your lower back, and then as you feel ready, elbows continue to move in towards the body and try not to look side to side as you do this. Look straight up towards the ceiling, bringing your hands to your lower back, elbows moving in towards your body, for shoulders down, chest moves away from the chin and toes can either point or flex. Most of the time in a yoga class when your are in shoulders down, you're near the end. That is true in this case. We're on the downhill slide starting to find the balance between effort and ease in the body.

If it feels better for you, you can bend the knees and hold the hips with your hands. We're gonna move from the shoulders down into a plow. Taking your feet over your head, toenails can press into the floor or tuck, hands can stay on the lower back or interlace on the floor. (breathing) Take a couple of big breaths here. (breathing) Again, being mindful that you're not turning your head, but nor are you closing your eyes.

Staying present even as we start to soften. Bend your knees alongside your ears, and then bringing your hands either to your lower back for support or on the floor, we'll simply roll down a little bit at a time. It doesn't have to be pretty. Bringing the tailbone down to the floor, bend your knees, make it easy on yourself, take your legs down to the floor. Adjust in your shoulders, so that you're comfortable.

Pull your right knee in. Take a hold of your right foot from the outside and pull down and out. Keep your left leg a little bit active, so we have some awareness of the left side and be mindful of what that feels like, that equal work. (breathing deeply) Starting to soften a little bit into the belly. (breathing deeply) And then we'll simply change sides.

Send the right leg out, take a hold of the left foot from the outside. If this doesn't work for you, you can also do the heel. We want the elbow and the left calf to try and make contact as the right hip presses down and we're using the left hand to pull down. Take deeper breaths. (breathing deeply) Keep your left leg, bring your right leg to join for happy baby.

Adjusting the grip so it's comfortable, pulling nice and wide and really taking advantage of the shoulder strength, pulling down, really passive legs, widening a bit here. If you're feeling a little more spacious in your hamstrings, you can straighten your legs like we did in the forward bends earlier. If that doesn't feel right, just go back to happy baby. Bring your knees together, take your arms out like a t. Drop your knees as one unit towards the left side.

The closer you are to your armpit, the easier it will feel most likely. Soften your right shoulder into the floor, turn your head whatever direction you like, close your eyes, relax into your twist. You can use your left hand to hold the right knee in place, and cultivate a feeling of heaviness in the shoulders. Listen to how you're breathing. Take your time here.

Whenever you're ready, the knees move through the middle as one unit and go to the right. Again, the more snugly you can get, probably the more relaxed you'll feel. Head turns in whatever way feels best. Start to let things go, soften the belly, pelvic floor muscles. Relax around your jaw.

Slowly rolling back to the center. Roll side to side on your tailbone, widen a little bit more, making circles, you can guide your knees in figure eights. Taking the time that you need to adjust into the stillness, pulling your knees in, giving yourself a little snuggle, lift your head, touch your forehead towards your knees and then exhale, release your head back down, pulling in, shoulders away from your ears. (breathing deeply) releasing your legs, separating your feet just a little wider than you would normally. Adjusting so that you're comfortable, palms open, shoulders back, close your eyes.

This is your last pose and like any other pose, we want it to be sustainable. Acknowledge what you can hear around you, the weight of your body on the floor. Notice where you feel your breath in your body. Use your breath and use your body like an anchor to keep you here on the mat. We do all of this work in the body to make this easier.

Take advantage of that. I'll stay with you in savasana for a few moments. I will let you know when it's time. Without changing very much, too quickly, if you are ready to change, bring movement to your body where it feels natural. Take bigger, deeper breaths.

(breathing deeply) bringing your knees in towards your belly, keep your eyes closed if you can, let this happen naturally. Roll to one side. It doesn't matter which one. Use your bottom arm like a pillow and snuggle up for a moment. Get comfortable.

Let your belly relax on your side. Take time. We'll meet back in an easy seat if you're ready. Closing your eyes when you get there, hands rest in your lap, shoulders soften, acknowledging how you feel, the work that you've done. Thank your for sharing your practice with me.



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I love this routine although I cannot do the head stand yet..but I´ll keep on trying! Will you do more like this?
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Hi Iris! It took me ages to get a headstand I felt comfy in. So happy you are enjoying the practice - the inversion stuff will come on its own time ;) more soon!
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I liked the pace, the explanations on positioning and the variety.
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I'm doing it with my son
I'm doing it with my son
Marisa, that's so cool!
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I can't believe you were able to bust that out keeping your breath so calm and steady! I missed some of the cues but otherwise was able to keep up. Going to be tuning in to Yoga Power Hour more after this. Thanks!
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Thank you! Loved the variations🕉
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Wow! It was quite hard in places and I can't do a headstand on my own yet but I could do as a child/teenager, so I am working on that. I loved the precise but calm instructions and the pace was perfect. My favourite female yoga presenter, for sure! I will try more of your practices.
My favourite teacher too, love the serious but humorous undertones. Need more of this and some shorter ones for durng the week.
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