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Sarah Lowe

Sarah Lowe

We are simply delighted by Sarah's straightforward, intelligent, and dry sense of humor. She keeps it real and shares her discoveries of yoga with precision, enthusiasm, and compassion.
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Sarah first met yoga in high school when her older sister, Ashley, brought her to class. At the time she was searching for a way to deal with a chronic injury. Little did she know that yoga would change her life. She continued with the practice through college in Boulder, Colorado, tasting a wide diversity of styles including Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, and every method in between. But nothing really satisfied until Ashtanga stole Sarah’s heart in 2010 in the bustle of Hong Kong, where she met her teacher David Swenson. Sarah jokes that before Ashtanga, “the only thing I ever finished was a meal… [Ashtanga] created a sense of follow through in me.”

Sarah is a corn-fed Iowa girl who has lived in Shanghai the last five years. She is co-founder and Director of Programing of Yoga Garden.She wishes she could find more time to travel, her last trip took her to India where she didn’t do a lick of asana.
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