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Yoga Power Hour

Tap into your power in just an hour. These 60-minute flowing sequences are designed to generate heat, build strength, increase flexibility, and inspire your day.

Season 2 - Mary Dana Abbott

This season, Mary Dana will share joyful and invigorating hour-long Vinyasa practices that invite you into a deep exploration on your mat. Each practice includes interesting transitions, precise alignment cues, and creative sequencing, and are designed for you to revisit as they keep revealing themselves to you with continuous practice. Dive in!

Season 3 - Rosemary Garrison

Rosemary will share a variety of hour-long Vinyasa practices to generate heat, strength, and energy. This season we will look practices to open the hips and heart, strengthen the legs and core, and explore creative flows that work the entire body. You will feel invigorated and strong.

Season 4 - Rob Hess

Awaken your inner fire and strength. This season, Rob shares a series of spicy and fun 60-minute sequences to journey deep into the hips, core, and heart to feel open, expansive, and energized from the inside out.

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