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Season 1 - Episode 6

Flow Towards Splits

60 min - Practice


Sarah guides us in a power flow towards Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose or Splits). We move through a series of Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations), lunges, hips openers, and standing postures to stretch the hamstrings in preparation for variations of splits. This practice results in feeling energized, rooted, and invigorated.
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(waves crashing) Welcome back to The Power Hour. In this class, we're gonna maybe approach the splits depending on how you're feeling, there'll be lots of options. But we're just gonna, as usual, get right into it. So, come up to the top of your space, stand with your feet slightly apart so that you have a wider base, you have a little bit more comfort. Close your eyes.

Let your hands rest at your sides, you don't need to do anything in particular with them, just relax into your standing position. Start to breathe a little deeper. And perhaps set an intention for your practice. Doesn't have to be anything incredibly deep or meaningful, but something meaningful to you so you know why you're here with me. And as you're developing the breath, establishing your intent, taking a little bit of awareness to the lower belly, just drawing it in and up towards the spine, so that we're staying engaged with the core, standing with integrity.

As you're ready, eyes open, inhale, reach your arms up, interlace your fingers, turn the heels of your hands open and just stretch here for a moment, reaching up into the hands, pulling the belly in, and pressing the legs down into the floor. So, you start to feel yourself going in two directions. It can be tempting to scrunch up by the ears, try and keep the shoulders relaxing down and back. Big full breath. On your exhale, arms go wide, swan diving forward over your legs, let your head and your neck relax.

If your hamstrings are tight, that's totally normal and fine. Bend your knees, just walk it out a little bit if you need to and see how deep you can comfortably go, tipping your weight a little bit further forward into the balls of your feet. And as you inhale, lengthening halfway, shoulders sliding back, really strong in the legs. Exhale, folding forward again, lengthening out of the waist. There's always a little bit more space here than here, taking advantage of that.

On an inhale, looking forward again, press your hands into the floor and step back into a plank. So, shoulders are over the wrists, fingers are spread nice and wide, as always. Belly is towards the spine 'cause we're using the belly muscles to lift up into the hips, sliding the shoulders back so the chest is broad, squeezing your bum towards the center line, super strong legs, breathing here for three, four, five, six, keep the chopsticks in your armpits, seven, eight, eyes forward, nine, 10. lift up into your hips, find a downward facing dog. Generally speaking, feet should be hip-distance, maybe wider, hands should be shoulder distance, lifting up through the crease of your hip towards the ceiling and pressing your thighs back.

Everything else can move down. Taking a couple of big breaths here. (softly breathing) As you're ready, coming up onto your tiptoes, rounding your belly and your back, rocking forward again into a plank, just for five breaths this time. Plank is a great way to warm up. It's also a great way to build strength.

Two, it doesn't require a ton of flexibility. Three, (softly breathing) four, five. Lift back up into your dog, heels can be lifted as you send the hips and thighs up and back, or perhaps, heels are down. Walk your right leg a little closer to the left. Bring the left leg up and back.

Keep your hipbone pressing down towards the floor, equal and opposite work in the arms and legs, exhale, step your left food forward, send your right knee to the floor. Press the right toes into the mat, coming onto the fingertips, lean in a little bit into your hip, lift the chest. Nothing super technical here, just relaxing a little bit as much as is possible. And then, slowly straightening the left leg. You can walk your hands back, toes go towards your body, grounding the heel into the floor.

We'll do that two more times. Rolling forward into a low lunge, lifting up. And rolling back, trying to send your left hip down towards the floor, one more time. Rolling forward. And rolling back.

Ground your left heel into the floor, press your right hand into the mat, keeping that left hip nice and low, reach your left arm up. Take a couple of breaths here, notice how your hip and your hamstring feel. And then bringing your left hand to the floor, bend your left knee as you pick your right thigh up. Left knee stays over your left ankle, right heel is in the air, right hand on the floor, twisting again, stacking the shoulders, lifting the gaze. Just opening the chest a little bit here as well.

But trying to move your right heel back. So, really strong in the legs. And then snuggling the left foot into the floor, lift yourself up into a high lunge. Heel stays lifted, belly stays pulled in, shoulders back. Take an inhale, and as you exhale, bring your hands to the floor, step back into a plank.

Stay in shape, shoulders over the wrists, belly towards the spine, take an inhale, and as you exhale, lower down Chaturanga. Inhale, pushing the chest forward, Up Dog, exhale, Downward-Facing Dog. (softly breathing) same thing on the other side, walking your left leg a little closer for balance as the right leg goes back. Take this opportunity to notice how your hips are different, how your hamstrings are different. You might have more space on one side.

Send the right leg through as the left knee comes to the mat. Open the chest, and then, same thing, just easing that right leg towards straight. (softly breathing) Walking forward into the lunge, opening the chest, paying attention to that left hip as well, rolling back, one more time into the low lunge, and more time time towards straight, right heel really presses down into the floor. Left hand presses as well, and the right arm lengthens up as your right hip moves towards the mat. Belly moves towards the spine.

Breathing here. (softly breathing) And then, nice and steady, right foot to the floor, back toes tucked and lift that back thigh really snuggly in that front foot, twisting again, reaching up, but this time, with a bent front knee. Equal and opposite work in your arms and legs. A little (slurps) up through the pelvic floor into the low belly so that we're using the core as well as we make our way up into our Crescent Lunge. That back heel on the left side is pulling up towards your butt as your right knee moves forward, really strong into the right foot.

Take an inhale, exhale, bring your hands to the floor. Step back into our plank. As always, stay in shape, take an inhale, exhale Chaturanga, inhale, moving your chest through your shoulders, the biceps roll out. Exhale, Down Dog. Big full cycles of breath.

(softly breathing) Noticing how your legs are feeling, where the action is, (softly breathing) and where you can maybe relax a little bit. (softly breathing) Looking forward, step or jump up. Lengthen, exhale, fold. Really strong through the feet, inhale, all the way up, exhale to release. Stepping out with your feet about a little over a leg distance maybe so you have a little space, and then hands at your hips so you have something to squeeze, turn your left toes out, turn your right toes out.

If you are like me, it might take you a moment to negotiate your balance, but we're gonna lunge into both legs and trying to move the knee towards the outside of your baby toe. Chest lifts, belly and pelvic floor go up, and just holding here for one, (softly breathing) two, concentrate on squeezing in towards the midline of your body, three, using these muscles inside of the thighs, four, (softly breathing) five, on an inhale pull the muscles of the legs in as you push the feet into the floor to straighten your legs. Hands back at your hips if they have left, and as you exhale, we'll go again into The Horse, but this time, we'll kind of rock a little bit here and moving side to side, sinking a little deeper into the hips, bringing your fingers to the floor, right knee bends, left foot points towards the body as we straighten the leg. Changing sides: right heel pulls towards the floor, toes go towards your body, going back and forth, just stretching a little bit inside the leg, inside of the groin. If you're feeling pretty okay in the legs, you can straighten up in the chest, lifting your hands, whoops! (lightly laughs) But you don't have to because it's sometimes a little tricky for your balance.

Coming back into a low lunge, turning your feet out, take your hands to the insides of your thighs, peel back as you lift back up into your Horse, pressing your hands together and straightening your legs. Turn your left toes 45 degrees and step up a little bit towards the center of your space with your hands on your hip so you can feel your hipbones going forward. As you exhale, lengthen, fingertips or palms to the floor, adjusting so that you feel your right hip moving back behind you and your left leg pulling forward. Lengthen, and as you exhale, fold. Keep your legs really active for two, (softly breathing) three, (softly breathing) four, (softly breathing) five, on an inhale, look forward.

Walk your hands a little bit further in front of your right foot, coming onto your fingertips, float your back leg up. Press your right heel really firmly into the floor, keep your chest lifting and think about sending your left leg, your left foot behind you for two, belly towards the spine, stay engaged in the belly, three, four, five, left leg goes back down, hands pull in a little bit. Right foot near your left wrist, right knee near your right wrist. Hip sets down on the floor, back toes press straight back. And your heel can move in towards your body if that's what you feel like you need to be a little more comfortable here.

Walking your hands back, open your chest. Shoulders slide down, take a moment here. Give yourself time to adjust. You are already in the splits here, just the front leg is bent. Take in an inhale, option one: stay here.

Option two: your back leg kicks up, left hand reaches for the left foot or maybe it goes into the crook of your elbow. If you feel okay, your right arm can reach up. Can make yourself look like a yogi, forefinger and thumb press together. Maybe your hands meet, maybe they don't. Breathing here, grounding into the hip.

And then if and when you're ready to let go of that back leg, send it back behind you. Left hipbones moves towards the floor, forearms come to the mat, head drops. Keep your eyes open, so you stay present with what you're doing, but relax where you can, we're not using any muscles in the face, soften around your jaw. Breathe deep. (softly breathing) Leaning a little into the left side so that you can kinda feel a widening in the back of the body.

(softly breathing) As you are ready, lifting your gaze, we'll keep the forearms on the floor as we tuck the left toes, shoulders pull back. Send your right leg back into a plank. Squeezing in towards the center line. Touch your right hand towards your left elbow. Roll to the outside of your right foot, lift up into your hip, reach your left arm up.

One. Two. Three, if you're feeling spunky here, four, left leg lifts. Five. Left hand to the floor, interlace your fingers as you lock your toes in, forearms are still on the floor.

Squeezing energetically between your elbows, between your arms, head and neck relax. Two. Three, you're upside down, let your exhale be a little longer. Four. (softly breathing) Five.

Separate your hands, forearms stay on the floor. Either one elbow at a time or both arms go back up into Dog. (softly breathing) from your Dog, looking forward, stepping or jumping between or behind your hands, inhale, look up, exhale, fold, a little deeper, maybe hands behind your calves, head relaxes, keep some power in your legs. (softly breathing) on an inhale, all the way back up, and exhale to release. Stepping out again, with your feet turning the toes away.

Hands at the hips for balance, one more time, moving into that squat, really concentrating the power towards the midline of the body. This time, maybe lifting one heel, and in the other for one, hands go together, two, finding the balance from the belly (slurps) three, four, five, heels down, stand up. Turn your right toes 45 degrees, adjusting your stance a little closer is often easier. Finding your bony landmarks, hands to the hips, facing forward, lift up, and exhale. Fold, hands towards the floor.

If you have something that you need to bring the floor higher that can be helpful here. So, focusing some of your attention on really powering up that right leg. So, the right leg is sending itself forward as the left leg and the hip go back lengthening, you can stay here if this feels like where you want to be. But as you exhale, the head drops, maybe the hands walk a little further back for one, breath as deeply as you can. Two.

Stay in shape in the belly. Three. Four. Five. Inhale, lengthen, walking your hands a little bit further out as you float your right leg up.

The heel is moving back, so from the head to your right heel you're making a big long line of energy, really strong in that left leg up into the hamstring and the glute, shoulders move back. (softly breathing) From here, drop your right leg nice and slow, moving that left foot across into Pigeon. So, the left foot is near your right wrist, the left knee is near your left wrist. Checking in on that back foot, we want the foot to go straight back. Fingers walk back a little bit if the body allows it.

Opening the chest. This is a good place to check in with how you're breathing. Your breath should be supporting your pose, should be nice and easy, slow and steady. If your right leg is willing, it connects to the right hand, or maybe into the elbow if that's okay, the left leg really grounds down. Maybe the left arm reaches up.

You can connect your hands, but you don't have to. Try and stay really grounded in the hips. Listen to your breath. (softly breathing) And then letting go, if you were hanging on, the right hip turns a little bit towards the floor, forearms come to the mat. Let your head and your neck relax, and once more, let go of what you don't need.

You don't need to use any tension in the jaw, in the brow. Maybe even let your belly relax a little here. Emphasizing the width in the back of the body. (softly breathing) we'll stay on the forearms, walking them a little bit closer so that you have a little more action in the shoulders. Fingers spread nice and wide, right toes tuck, hips lift as the left leg goes back.

Heels push back, belly towards the spine, left hand touches the right elbow, rolling to the outside of your left foot, reaching up for one. Two. Staying in shape in the belly, three. If you want to, right leg up, four. Five.

Bring your right hand to the floor, your right forearm to the floor, interlace your fingers, send your hips back. Option one: stay here, head is off the floor. Option two: place the crown of your head on the floor, pull your shoulders up and back. Walk your toes in, squeezing energetically between your shoulders for three, four, five. Bend your knees, come down into a Child's Pose, releasing your hands, maybe bringing them behind you, (softly breathing) and then rolling up.

I'm going to transition the other way, but we'll take the forearms back to the floor, measuring the distance of the shoulders, taking opposite hand to opposite elbow. This is kind of the parameters here that we wanna keep with the elbows interlacing the fingers, like we've done before, pressing the pinkie side of the hands into the floor, pulling the shoulders up and back. So, already there's some action here. Tucking the toes, lifting your hips. We've done this before, we've done lots of variations.

You can stay here, working the shoulders, sending the hips up and back. Top of the head can come to the floor. Hands stay pressed, pinkie fingers stay pressed into the floor, hips lift, shoulders go up and back. If you're comfortable here, stay here, breathe deep for 10. If you feel like you're ready for more, walk your legs up, press your shoulders into the floor, sending your legs up, pointing your toes for one, two, three, if you feel stable here, four, you can start to drop one leg back.

Five, keeping the legs active, six, bringing them back towards the center, taking a break when you need it. Eight, changing sides. Nine, connecting the legs, 10. Slowly or quickly, coming back down, taking a break in your Child's Pose. Maybe reaching your arms out, often it feels nice to reach them back.

Ground down, belly towards the thighs. Breathe towards the shoulders, whether you were in the prep, the headstand, or working on separating the legs, just take in a moment to relax. From here, rolling yourself up, walking your hands back out and lifting up into a Down Dog. Left leg goes a little bit closer to the center, right leg goes up, push your heel back. And as you exhale, bring your right foot forward between your hands, take your left knee to the mat.

Walk your right foot a little bit further away from your hands, pull your right leg towards straight, like we did before. Fingertips on the floor, pick your back leg up. Left heel lifts, shimmy, lift up. Push down. Lift up, exhale, left heel moves back as your right heel moves forward.

And just continue this negotiation, lifting up, exhale sinking down. Inhale up, exhale, maybe your left thigh comes to the floor, walking your hands a little bit further back. Opening your chest, doesn't matter if you're here or miles away from the floor. Breathing nice and deep, taking an inhale, and as you exhale, tucking your back toes, pressing into the hands, pulling your right leg up, give it a little shake, Dog In A Fire Hydrant, and then rolling back to a Down Dog, pressing evenly into your hips and checking in. Notice how that feels.

How's your breath doing, how's the back? (softly breathing) Right foot moves a little bit closer, left leg goes up. This is a good test of how your hamstrings feel, one compared to the other. As you exhale, left foot forward, right knee goes down. You know what's gonna feel right.

If you know that you're gonna be miles away from the splits, you can stay here and just work on sinking into that left knee. If you feel like it's gonna be okay, the left heel presses down, toes go towards the body. Right leg lifts up, you can stay here, and I like to give myself a little more height with a little more room to work with. Inhale, right heel pulls up, and exhale, both heels move away. Inhale lifting up, belly towards the spine, exhale, pushing down, so just continuously negotiating with your hip, exhale, coming down.

One more time, lifting up, approaching perhaps the right leg coming to the floor, the left hip doesn't have to, it may not be able to, lifting up, lengthening, trying to keep the hip pulling down. (softly breathing) As you're ready, hands go to the floor, the right toes tuck, belly towards the spine as you pull your left leg up, give it a little shake. Rolling back, finding a Down Dog. Looking forward, stepping or jumping up, sitting down. Pulling your knees in, lie down on your back, take your legs in the air.

Press your sacrum into the floor. So, we've already done quite a bit with the hips and legs, both facing the floor and moving away from the floor. We're now gonna try and find a little bit of stability in the belly to help control the legs. So, the belly pulls down towards the spine, point your toes, turn your heels towards one another. Really strong (slurps) here, start to alternate toe heel, keep your legs lifted, hips are turned out a little bit.

Moving as quickly or as slowly as your hips allow, controlling the legs with the belly and really working this lateral (slurps) squeeze. Coming back, heels touch, flex your toes towards your face, reach your arms up. Belly towards the spine, take an inhale, think long through your fingertips. And as you exhale, heels towards the floor. Inhale, exhale up, that's one, exhale.

Exhale, two, we'll do 10. (softly breathing) Three, exhaling, heels down, exhaling up, four, keep pressing down into the sacrum, inhale here, exhale up, that's five. Take a break if you need it, exhale. Inhale, exhale up, that's six, exhale. Inhale, exhale, seven, ankles touch.

Eight, two more. Exhale, shoulders make contact with the mat, inhale, exhale nine, last time, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, bend your knees, give yourself a little snuggle, rocking a little bit side to side. One more time like this, but now we're gonna add the upper body. So, we're using the lower belly to control the legs, the inside of the thighs to grip, and then we're gonna reach our hands for our feet. It's hard, take your time with it.

Take an inhale, sacrum presses down. Exhale, heels go down, inhale, exhale, hands touch the ankles. Exhale, arms and legs down. Exhale, hands touch the ankles, arms and legs down, that's two, three, four, five, six, belly towards the spine, seven, eight, nine, almost there, 10, hands and legs down to the floor. Wiggle, side to side, and roll yourself up so that you're seated with your feet together.

Pressing your heels together, pull the tops of your feet apart like a book, lift up into your chest, and then imagine your breastbone, the hard part of your chest, is moving towards your toes. So as the heels press into one another. Exhale, lengthen down, stop when your body tells you to stop. Let your gaze drop for one, keep firmly pressing into the heels, two, three, how far you go depends on what your body wants you to do, four, what your breath wants you to do, five. Inhale, lifting back up, close your knees and lie down on your back.

I'm gonna transition, but you can simply lie down, pulling your knees in, send your left leg to the floor. Left hand on top of your left hip, peace fingers go inside of your right big toe. If you have a rope or a scarf, you can wrap it around your foot if you feel like you need a little support. Right leg straightens, right shoulder pulls down. Hip moves towards the end of the mat, and we use the left hand to really press into the floor.

Take an inhale, and as you exhale, lift your head and your chest for one, two, belly towards the spine, three, four, five, slowly back down, left hand really snuggles the left hip into the floor as you open your right hip to the right side. Ideally, your left butt cheek doesn't lift up at all. The right heel lifts up for two, really strong through the left leg. Three. Four.

Five, pull your right leg back towards the center, keep your right hip lengthening, and then pull your right foot towards your face as much as you can without hiking your hip up. Lift your head, one, move the left toes away from you, two, keep the right hip sinking down. Three, four, five, slowly back down, let go of your foot, bring your right leg all the way down. Pause. It's not often in life we get instant gratification.

And with this pose, you usually do, let the blood flow back into the leg, do what we all love to do, which is compare things, one thing compared to the other; your right leg maybe feels a little longer, maybe not, that's okay too. The right hand snuggles into the floor, snuggles the hip into the floor, as the left leg comes up. Peace fingers to the big toe, or using your rope or scarf, if you have one, or belt. Shoulder moves away. Inhale, and exhale, lift up.

One, so we're really weighted down here. Two, (slurps) with the belly, three, four, five. With control coming back down, keeping that stability in the right leg, left hip opens. It's okay to bend the knee, you might have to. Listen to what your leg wants you to do.

Two, the left heel is moving up, towards the ceiling. Three, as your right hand presses into the floor. Four, five. Bring your left leg back through the center, make sure the hip is sinking towards the end of the mat. Inhale, exhale, pull and lift.

One, two, so this is the third time we're moving towards the splits. Three, not about getting your legs to go equal, flat towards the floor, four, but keeping stability and strength in the hip and in the low back. Five. Slowly back down, letting go of the foot, and again, allowing yourself the time to bring the leg down. Pause.

Notice. And then walk your feet towards your hips, rolling your shoulders a little bit further underneath you. One time, inhaling, rolling up into a bridge, sliding the hands underneath you, interlacing the fingers for one, keeping a little grip between your thighs. Two, three, four, five, move your hands out of the way, slowly roll back down. You can do that again or as many times as you'd like.

If you're ready to move to Wheel, the hands go alongside your ears. Press your feet into the floor, as your hips lift, arms straighten. Walk your feet a little bit closer to your hands for one, two, keep the thighs and knees moving towards the center line, three, four, five, really strong legs, exhale, bend your elbows, touch your head to the floor. Inhale, push back up. One, two, three, four, five, one more time, inhale, exhale, bend your elbows head to the floor.

Inhale, push up, one, two, three, four, five. Slow and steady, bring yourself down to the floor, and pause. Wiggle a little bit. And rocking a little bit on the low back, bringing the knees in towards your chest, rolling yourself up, and transitioning so that your legs are out in front of you, a little internal rotation, almost like you're gripping something between your thighs, sitting really tall, breastbone lifts, bringing a little length into the low back, and then keeping that length as we bring the peace fingers to the big toes. Inhale to lengthen, and exhale to fold.

Breathe really deeply into the ribs. Keep some integrity in the core, keep the integrity in the legs. Your hips and hamstrings are stubborn, but the low back and the waist can be a little more generous, finding a little more space there. (softly breathing) on an inhale, lift yourself up, pull your left foot in front of your left hip. Right thigh stays pressed into the floor, left hand comes behind you for balance.

Hook your right elbow around your left knee, leaning a little bit back and looking over your left shoulder. Breath in deep, keeping the right leg active. If your shoulders have a little more generosity, your right elbow can go outside of your left knee, your right arm can reach back for your right hip. Maybe the left hand meets it. It doesn't have to, keep the right leg strong.

Inhale, coming back to the center, staying in shape in the belly, hands come to the floor, step back into a plank, really strong in the legs. Exhale, Chaturanga. Inhale Upward-Facing Dog, looking up, exhale, Downward-Facing Dog. Looking forward, stepping or jumping up, sitting down, sending your left leg out in front of you, and your right leg in front of your right hip. Lengthening up, left elbow hooks around the right knee, looking over the right shoulder.

Again, listen to what feels right. Your breath isn't going to allow you to be in a place it can't sustain. If it feels okay, the left elbow goes outside of your right knee, the left hand sneaks around, the right hand connects. Left leg has to stay really grounded. (softly breathing) letting go of the hands, moving back to the center, hands in front of you, stepping back, finding your plank.

Belly towards the spine, gazing forward, exhale Chaturanga, inhale Upward-Facing Dog, exhale Downward-Facing Dog. Looking forward, stepping or jumping up. Lying down, pulling your knees in once more, taking your feet in the air and your hands to the inside of your heels. Pulling down, going wide, and again, enjoying that width in the sacrum, maybe leaning a little bit to one side, and then the other, bringing your knees back together, legs go up in the air, hips go down, peace fingers to your big toes, keep your hips pressed towards the floor, and just start to pull your feet towards your head. Lengthening into the back of the legs, shoulders pull down.

(softly breathing) If you're comfortable here, stay here, you can always go back to the Happy Baby with the knees bent. Otherwise perhaps opening your legs, keeping the hips sinking down, and pulling with your grip like you would for Happy Baby. Shoulders pressing into the floor. (softly breathing) Bringing your legs back together, bending a little bit at the knee if you need to, rolling yourself up, shoulders back, sending your legs out, really grounding down, separating, landing one at a time on your calves. Lengthen, and exhale, fold, you can bring your forearms to the floor, or your fingers to the mat.

Once more, lengthening into your lower back, keeping the legs a little bit engaged, but starting the process of winding down. On an inhale, lifting yourself up, and transitioning to a seat. With your left ankle over your right knee, right knee moves underneath the left. If this doesn't feel right, sit crisscross. Lengthen into your hips, and as you exhale, hands go in front of you, pulling your chest forward, letting your head drop.

Leaning into the belly, (softly breathing) lifting your gaze, walk your left hand underneath. Reach the right arm out, but you're really reaching more with your left hand stretching through the left side body, keeping your hips as grounded as you can, walking back, and doing the same thing on the other side. So this time, it's the right arm that's gonna reach a little more than the left letting your head drop. Rolling back up. Sitting up, and just change the cross of your legs or the cross of your ankles.

I keep my feet a little flexed to help keep the hips safe. If it feels okay for you, you can relax. But just listen to what's going on in your body. Using your fingers to pull back, lengthen, and fold. Taking your time, lifting up, we'll go the left side first.

The left hand reaches out, the right arm crosses over. And although the body is slowing down a little bit, we're still present, still in the flow of the practice, listening to the breath. Rolling up, and taking it to the other side. Staying in shape where you need to be. The feet grounding into the hips, relaxing where you can.

Slowly bringing yourself back up, pulling your knees in, come back into your plank, this is our last one, shoulders over the wrists, and notice how it feels compared to your first. Where you feel strong, where you feel tired, treating everything as equal as you can. Take an inhale, exhale Chaturanga, inhale Upward-Facing Dog, exhale Downward-Facing Dog. From your Down Dog, looking forward, jumping or stepping up, lying down. Pull your right knee in, give it a little snuggle, and drop it to the left side.

Stack your hips, reach your right arm back out, using the left hand to anchor the right leg. If this feels good, stay here. If you want something a little more twisty, the left leg can bend, the right hand takes a hold of the left foot. Do something that feels sustainable, that feels right for you. Letting go of that back leg if you were hanging on to it, rolling back, sending your right leg down, pull your left leg in, give it a little snuggle, relaxing the hip flexors.

And drawing it over to the other side. Left arm reaches back, shoulders soften, maybe the right hand, the right foot connects to the left. It doesn't have to. Your right hand and your left toes can also connect. But I want you to feel relaxed.

Starting to incorporate the work into the body through stillness, through relaxation. Letting go of the feet, pulling back to the center, snuggling your knees in, big inhale, big exhale. And then letting your arms come nice and wide, adjusting in your tailbones so that you're comfortable, send your feet to the floor for your last pose, your Shavasana. And roll your eyes back. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, even just once so you can feel your jaw relax.

Feel the heavy parts of your body sink into the floor. We spent the last 60 minutes moving up away from the mat, away from the floor, pulling in, pulling apart. Let all of that go. Move down. There's nowhere that you need to be right now.

We'll stay a few moments together. Relax as much as you can, give yourself that opportunity. I will let you know when it's time. You're welcome to stay where you are as long as you can. If you're ready to move, fingers, toes wiggle, head shakes or not, big stretch like you're waking up.

We're walking up again. Pulling your knees in, take your time with it. Roll to once side, get a little cuddly with yourself, using your bottom arm like a pillow. The top arm pushes into the floor to lift yourself up. Taking a comfortable seat.

Closing your eyes, sit tall, but sit relaxed in softness in the body. Belly's soft, cheeks are soft, acknowledge the work that you've done, it's not easy. Thank you for being here and sharing your practice. Namaste.


Suzanne L
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This is a good practice which I will repeat in the future. I plan on doing your other routines too. THanks.
Sarah Lowe
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Thanks Suzanne! Happy to have you practicing with us!
Melanie T
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Love every flow you have...look forward to the new ones!
Janet L
wooooooow Sarah Lowe this class is amazing, your voice is perfect... and you explanation super clear!!! Thank you!!!
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This is the third time I have completed this series, and I think this final practice might be my favourite. I love the slow steadiness, and the strength in this sequence. I really love your calm instructions Sarah. Thank you.
Sarah Lowe
Ali thank you! It makes me so happy to hear this. 💕💪🏻
Mary B
I did the 5 classes in power hour series and loved them all! Thank you!
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I loved this class towards the splits and I saved it in my favorites! 🙏🏻
Sarah Lowe
Florence woo hoo, that's awesome to hear! 
Gabriel W
Really great practice. Thank you 
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