Good Morning Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Grounded and Fluid

30 min - Practice


Alana shares a sequence designed to awaken and strengthen the legs, hips, and core. This practice builds foundational support, resulting in a grounded and fluid quality in the body and mind.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


(waves breaking on the shore) Good morning, Yogi. Welcome, thank you for joining me. We'll begin with the usual, some standing Sun Salutations, Surya Namaskar A and B variations, some ...


This seems like a good practice for me. I enjoyed this video. I just wonder if I will ever be able to do the bridge sequence :)
Hi Kathy! Thank you for being here. We are so glad you enjoyed the practice. Here are a couple of short tutorials that focus on the elements of Bridge Pose:
Step by Step with Kira
// m?class_id=262&quality=video
Posing with Kira and Friends
// .cfm?class_id=43&quality=video
We hope this is helpful. Stay close. xo Alana
Thank you Alana! Watching the two suggested videos definitely helped. :) I had a much better time with the bridge pose today.
Wonderful, Kathy. Great news!
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A beautiful start of the day Namaste from Sweden
Hello Johanna! Wishing you a wonderful day. Thank you for being here! Namaste from Ojai, California. xo
With spring here I've been looking for something to turn my mornings around, find more energy and strength for the day - and in these morning practices I've found it! Thank you so much! Namaste from Vancouver!
Good morning, Julia! That's exactly it. :) So delighted to be practicing together. Namaste, xoA
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Love love love! I also have studiously avoided revolved triangle for the last twenty years! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I loved how the vinyasa at the end felt free and easy after the work in the standing postures. Thank you Alana, I love getting up for these classses.
Hi Ali!  Yes, revolved triangle was one that fell in love with (thanks to a consistent practice and repetition) after years of avoiding. It's so nice to genuinely feel surprised during and after your practice. So delighted to be practicing together in the mornings. xoA

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