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Season 6 - Episode 2

Wave of Breath

35 min - Practice


Shelly guides us in a sweet grounding flow to awaken, strengthen, and release tension in the lower body. We move through a series of fluid standing postures to reconnect with our roots with deep twists, lunges, and hip openers. You will feel rooted and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block

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Beautiful practice, thank you!
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This was a beautiful practice! Thank you so much.
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I hear there are more Shelley videos coming. I can not wait. Everyone needs a little Shelley in the Pacific Northwest!
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Thanks Angie! you are missed here in the south bay...
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Thank you Suzie and Pascale :) So glad you enjoyed, more to come!
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LOVED this. My hips are happy. Thank you, Shelley!
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You are such an amazing teacher. I love your flow and grace. THANK YOU!
Linda Baffa sending the love right back to ya!
Anika thank you your kind comments... happy Yoga Friday!
Shelley, what a beautiful practice--I can't get enough of these videos. I feel calm, relaxed, and happy (and like I've gotten a good workout!) afterwards. Thank you and hope to see more of your videos!

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