Heartful Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Find Your Heart

10 min - Practice


Find your living, breathing heart. Kira guides us in a meditation to find multiple dimensions of the heart—the physical, spiritual, and true heart. You will feel more generous, open, and clear.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Whoa! The concept of a "true heart" beyond the physical and spiritual hearts was a new thought for me. Kira, thank you for this.
Dearest Claudia Jean, happy to hear. xok
Thank you.
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Loving this 💖. Sharing with my classes. I miss your presence, and so very happy to hear your voice and guidance. Hugs to you Kira Sloane 🤗
Cathy! Hi! So happy to see you here. Yes, miss you! xok
Beautiful. Thank you, Kira Sloane !
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WOW, that was such a loving and calming practice. My heart actually feels warm and full. I will definitely be taking these practices into my daily life. Thank you Kira. x
Kirsty, what wonderful news! And yes, these are designed for the daily life. Glad you are here! xoKira
That was a great meditation (?)...I really like the idea of giving the heart a separate identity in the true sense. I have never heard anyone call their heart -HER-.. very interesting... I am curious where you learned this concept. I have always used the  theory of making "friends" with your cells in order to connect and heal them. After a while of doing this it is possible to heal quite quickly, when one, say, rolls over on an ankle or burns themselves while cooking....small but annoying injuries. Cells respond badly to stress and bounce back with caring and love... my theory that has worked for me thus far .... so, thanks for this. Of course, cells collect together into organs... DUH!... from the micro to the macro inside... I'm really smiling , I can't believe I didn't kronk this before... anyway, thanks alot. Perhaps I will name my heart.I love learning new things that kinda shake me up a bit!! A big heartfelt thanks to you! Literally! Cheers!!
Tracy C, Love hearing about your relationship with your cells, YES! Lately I am I trying to move out of the habit of giving gender to my bits, but I am still under the philosophical influence that ALL is SHE and the fertile, destructive, tender, loving nature of the cosmos is female. It creates a more affectionate and trusting quality within me. That sounds crazy when I reread it, but somehow I feel you might understand. Love K
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