Heartful Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Wish a Loved One Happiness

5 min - Practice


Kira leads us through a short guided meditation practice to wish a loved one well. We work with the simple mantra—may you be well and happy—to send well wishes to someone you hold dearly.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Perfect, Kira, thank you for these lovely, helpful, openhearted practices--a breath of fresh air permeating the spring season. Love.
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That was so lovely. I did it twice as it caused me so much happiness I had to experience it again. Yes a whole town showed up and danced.
Sam, this makes me SO HAPPY!
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So beautiful to bring my special people into my awareness, acknowledge hardships they might be going through and simply wish them happiness. A beautiful practice.
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This practice is so simple and yet in the space of a few minutes I teared up, then laughed a little, then had a major warming heart swell. Loving kindness towards ones loves is very good medicine for all. ❤️

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