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Guided meditation practices to grow your heart.

Season 1 - Loving Kindness

In Season 1, we will tune the skill of loving kindness towards ourselves and others. Through these short and accessible meditation practices, we will find ease, joy, and freedom while inviting kindness into the heart to allow us to enjoy our lives more fully.

Season 2 - Compassion

In Season 2, Kira will guide us through meditations that focus on compassion to help increase our capacity to be with what is. Through these brief meditations, we will enhance our skills of feeling grounded, open, and soft.

Season 3 - Tonglen

In Season 3, we will explore the Buddhist meditation practice of Tonglen. These practices are designed to take direct aim at the part of us that causes all of our suffering, which is our self-cherishing nature of the mind so that in turn we can be more loving and compassionate. Lets bravely dive in!

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