Heartful Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Make Friends with Yourself

5 min - Practice


We need to be friends with ourselves FIRST on this path. Kira guides us through a short meditation and mantra practice to tune into our heart and to begin to practice, with as much heartfelt sincerity as possible, wishing ourselves happiness.
What You'll Need: No props needed


Susan C
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Feel like you're right here, thank you
Kira Sloane
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Susan .
Janet M
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Thank you Kira Sloane
Kira Sloane
Sarah Beston
Thank you for these beautiful Heartful practices, Kira Sloane . It's the best addition to my morning routine. xo
I watched Ep 1 and 2 together - ok a bit of a rebel right away but that is one of the reasons I love Yoga Anytime I can do what I want LOL. I realize that I need this practice so much. The emotion I felt when finding my true heart was curiosity, my spiritual heart emotional pain and my true heart fulfillment. This practice brought me longing and sadness. Hopefully if I keep saying it throughout the day it will give me relief. Thank you I enjoy your practices. I was glad when I saw that you were leading the. Namaste
A perfect practice following on from asana practice, and beautiful sentiments to start the day. Thank you Kira.
Sandra Židan
Great meditation! Thanks, Kira! Regards!

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