Heartful Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Dilute the Heart's Poisons

5 min - Practice


Nurturing feelings like anger, jealousy, and fear slowly kills us. Kira leads us through a guided meditation in an effort to reduce these poisons in your heart by wishing happiness towards a being who causes you difficulty.
What You'll Need: No props needed


I love you so much. xo
Thank you for this, Kira! I'm so intrigued by the phrase "dilute the heart's poison"! Is that yours, or is it handed down from other teachers, or...?
Hi Erika. I don't remember my teachers using that phrase, but i hesitate to claim ownership. These kind of practices have just always felt like an alchemical process of dilution. xok
Love you and thank you Kira Sloane
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This practice - it changes the energy you have with "that difficult person", so that when you actually meet the person, you're no longer standing in that confrontational duality, but rather in Rumi's field beyond... where real meeting can take place. Hari Om.
Kate, isn't that amazing? This practice has literally saved my life. 

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