Heartful Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Loving-Kindness Meditation

20 min - Practice


All beings want to feel happy and free. Kira guides us through a meditation practice, where from the very center of our hearts, we send loving-kindness to ourselves, a loved one, a neutral person, a person who challenges us, and the entire world. You will feel sweet, loving, and free.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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My father is dying. He has been doing so for 17 years, it´s been such a painful and hard struggle. Now, we really believe it´s the last one. My tears fell instantly during this practice , I SO much wish happiness, freedom for and peace and freedom for me and my father. I´m so tired out of this battle with death. This practice / prayer was spot on the pain in my heart .Just by saying this loud, the most inner longing for peace..it was both painful and beautiful, it felt like it maybe it can come true. I will do this again tomorrow. Thank you.
Oh dear Johanna, I am so sad for all the grief and suffering you have endured. I wish you both peace and freedom. Stay close and thank you. Love, Kira
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Doing this 4 month later since last time. My father did die this spring And this practice feels and means something else now. I don´t feel pain, I´m tired, but there are softer feelings. I couldn't´t do the whole practice this time ether, but maybe in time . Thank you.
Oh Johanna, I am so sorry about your father. Be gentle with yourself. Love, Kira
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this sitting together istruly a blessing and those flowers are amazing! thank you so much kira - a precious practice! have a beautiful day
What a beautiful, peaceful and hopeful practice, Kira. Thank you .
What a beautiful, peaceful and hopeful practice, Kira. Thank you .
Hi there Pam! So sweet to see you here. xok
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