Yoga Groove Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Mind Rinse

30 min - Practice


Suzy guides us in a fluid practice to help still the waters of the mind and reduce stress or anxiety. We find familiar standing and seated shapes in a groovy way. This creative sequence targets the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and heart channels. You will feel grounded, balanced, and energized.

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(gentle waves) So this practice is good for anxiety. For when you're feeling stressed and kind of all wrapped up in yourself. It incorporates a prawnik bath which is this beautiful kind of mind rinse to help cool the waters of your mind and balance and ground you. So let's do it. We're already doing, that's what's so beautiful.

Okay, we're already here, we're seated. You're halfway done. Yeah. (giggling) And sit with the palms open like you're receiving. Just holding the energy.

The heart current flows into the palm of the hand. So you just feel like in your hands, you have patience just pooling in the palm of your hands. And as you sit and anchor in that, in the resilience of the heart, in this current of the heart we can go a little deeper and scoop some energy up out of the earth. So we bow and then we gather. Taking the palms to the third eye even to the eyes themselves to just let the weight of your mind fall forward.

And the heat of your hands kind of soaking into the eyes themselves and looking inward. Now comb through your mind. Use your fingertips to literally massage through your hair. I don't wanna mess mine up, (laughing) cause it's such a 'do. And then you're gonna flip through the palms and reach up and exhale.

Spread it out and plug the roots of your heart back down into the earth. Yeah. Inhale, gather. Plunge on in to a deep source of healing. Scoop on up.

Comb through your mind. Tap the back of the heart here and you can flip through the finger tips and then reach for the sky. Exhale, expand and plug back in. Inhale, scoop and gather. Exhale and put it all behind you.

Rise up and clear. One more Inhale Exhale And plug back in. Take a deep breath. Shift off to your left hip and just spiral and turn open and look over your shoulder. And then bow back through center.

You might even just crawl your way forward towards child's pose. Humble, patient. Rolling up. And scooping back in. Each time just gathering clarity.

Extending without over extending yourself is the key. And then lift and shift to your right. And spiral. Look over the shoulder, take a deep breath. And then exhale and come back to center and crawl back down.

Just giving yourself a moment to pause. And right from here scoop and gather and you're gonna rise up onto the knees. Comb through, reach up. Exhale. Hands to the floor.

In slow motion curl your toes under. And then you'll step out. One leg and the other leg into a wide straddle. So anchor through the finger tips. Root through your feet.

And nice and easy bend your right leg and gently switch bend the left leg. Any amount. We all have a lot of history in the knees so only go as low as your body allows for. And then if it feels groovy and you wanna go a little deeper, or you wanna just let your spine pour, start to figure eight the pelvis and just rinse side to side. So we're just washing it all off.

Then slowly come back towards a nice, long line through the spine. From here you're gonna turn towards the left leg. Kind of towards a runners lunge. And then caddy-corner to the edge of your mat come up high onto your finger tips and the balls of your feet. This is gonna seem like a bad idea out of the gate but it's good for you I promise.

So from here we take a vinyasa variation. Elbows are gonna float out to the side and you take a little push up here. Then slithering through towards cobra, up dog energy and then chaturanga. And that felt so good, you're so excited to try the other side. So we walk hand over hand back to the runners lunge, opposite side.

Coming out on the diagonal, high on suction cup fingers. And then scoop up the belly come to the balls of the feet. Exhale, elbows out wide to the side and then duck diving through, come on up. Up dog energy. Exhale and then back through a little temple energy.

Just getting rooted in the earth. Come back to your lunge, left side. Balls of the feet, finger tips. Out over the edge in a hover, exhale chaturanga. Inhale slither on through.

Exhale scoop it back through center. Hand over hand, runners lunge right side. Ball of the feet, of the feet Balls of the feet people. And then inhale pull forward elbows out wide. Chaturanga.

Inhale slither it through. Exhale back through center. That feels like enough of those. You could do those all day, but we're gonna keep moving. From here, fingertips, heel toe.

Waking up the feet until you come to an easy forward fold. Nothings easy about that first forward fold, I know. So just affirm your breathing and then gently scoop into the water. Come on up. Prawnik bath here.

Scoop and comb through flipping through the fingertips. Reach up. Exhale (deep breath out) Oh, so much better. From here we're gonna play with just an easy little side step. So the right leg will lift.

The arms are gonna sweep out to the right. And then you step across and it's like a curtsy, sort of. Taking the right elbow to the left thigh and then twist and ring it out. Shiva twist. Inhale scooping back toward the right and center.

That went better than expected. So we're gonna try the other side. Sweep left pick up your left foot step it behind you and then arching into the circle left elbow, right thigh and then lengthen and ring it out. Whatever you're wrapped up in let it fall away as you circle back and center. Tadasana.

Inhale right, leg lifts, arms sweep right. Shiva twist. Lengthen, scoop right, gather and center. One more. Sweep left, left leg lifts.

circle, carve the elbow into the thigh. Lengthen. And sweep left gathering back to center. Oh, it's exciting. Let's put some of it together come onto the top of the mat.

Whoa, that was a big step, alright feet together, top of your mat. Standing tadasana. Taking that plunge into grace here as we float on down scoop it up through flat back. Tap the back of the heart, flip through the wrist. Inhale lift up.

Exhale hands to heart. Right leg lifts, arms circle right. Shiva twist, it's fancy. Inhale back through center. Step top of the mat.

Dive on in, scoop and gather some resilience. Put the day behind you. Hands to heart. Sweep arms left, left leg lifts. Take your twist.

Nice and easy, big breath. And then circle back to center. Adding on. Inhale scoop and gather. Comb through.

Hands to heart. Right leg. Right circle. Back through tree. Inhale, you have this moment where you just hover.

And breathe. Threading this line from the heart, step back, long stride, heel toe it back, warrior two. And then we gather here, take that prawnik bath energy scoop it up, tap the back of the heart and then press through the resistance. Reverse your warrior. Breathe in.

Lengthen, triangle pose. Shrug the shoulders and try to plug back in. The arms plug into the heart space. Stand from the heart here. Gaze to the top hand.

Lengthening through the right side waist. Gathering through, take your deepest breath of the day. And then come on up, warrior two Scoop back. Vinyasa, chaturanga. Lower push up position.

Scoop through to upward facing dog. And then hollow back to downward facing dog. Inhale. Exhale. Rinse it all off.

Right leg lifts, step in gently forward. Bring your left leg behind you and sit on down into a twist. Ringing out to the right. Really snuggle that right leg in and kinda rebound some energy up and out of that. Breathe in.

Breathe out. And turn back towards the front. We're gonna shift... And sort of free this right leg up a little bit so that you can have a little bit of oomph for standing splits. Top of the mat.

Inhale. Exhale. Go back into the water. Scoop it up. Hands to heart.

Pause. Invite the wisdom of the next breath. Notice the difference in the right and left sides. The flesh of the right side of the body and the grounding through the right sole of the foot. Inhale.

Exhale. Scoop back into the water. Get a clear vision. Comb through, release. Hands to heart.

Left leg lifts. Circle it out the left up and over. Twist. Thread and lengthen. Inhale back to center, hands to heart.

Tree. Let it breathe. I like to let my tree dance a little bit (giggling). And then here, connect to your heart center and walk it on back, warrior two. Inhale.

Prawnik bath, you're gonna scoop it up. Gather your purpose. Clear your mind. Put the resistance behind you. Rise up and extend.

Press out through the heels of the hands. Clearing that space at the neck and the shoulders and the jaw. Reverse your warrior. Breathe. Feel lightness through the ribcage and then lengthen through through that right leg.

Get a little taller. Keep the space in your right side body as you lengthen into triangle. And then there's some moments of finessing things here. You feel like you're really lifted and lighter across the heart space. (deep exhale) Let it settle in.

And then lengthen, come back up, warrior two. And then cartwheel the arms back down. Step into your strength hovering in chaturanga on your exhalation. Inhale, upward facing. Exhale, downward facing, rinsing off.

Inhale, left leg floats. Massage the knee to your nose. Step it forward through your hands. Inhale. Step the right knee behind the left and sit it on down.

Twist. Wring it out. Let the neck and the shoulders breathe. (deep exhale) I'm kinda squirmy, I tend to squirm it just feels good like you can just get into it and then kinda get into your tight spots and wring it out. There's not some particular pose you have to hold.

Step forward, standing splits. Then gently plant your feet. Empty it all out. And then bathe in your breath, inhale. Exhale.

Hands to heart. And pause. Take a breath back into the center of yourself. Gently gathering, scoop it all up. Prawnik bath, comb through.

Circle hands to heart. Right leg sweep the arms to the right. And take your twist. From here inhale back through tree. Let it flow, step it back.

Warrior two. Inhale reverse your warrior. And then as you take your next breath you're gonna circle that arm carve the arm across the body. Spin the back heel in on itself and sit on down into a rainbow warrior. So this variation could be as high as you need.

Very sound of music, right? Or as low as you wanna go, very crouching tiger. And then crawl it back towards the front of the mat. Right hand down. Left leg opens.

Then you thread into ardha vasisthasana. A little side plank variation. Sit your right hip down and then cross your fingers you can get back up. Then lift it back up. Oh, that felt so good.

Let's try it a couple more times, inhale. And exhale, just cleaning the slate. One more. Come all the way up and over and around. Step back.

Vinyasa. Shrug it off. Hollow back. Right leg lifts. Bend your knee.

Open your hip. Pull forward, top of a push up, like plank and then peel off and across. Flip your dog, circle back around. Right leg steps to the top of the mat. Inhale, push off.

Tuck the knee under, little twist. Unwind. Fingertips, rock it forward as you need. Standing splits, maybe even test your balance. And then empty it all out.

Feet together. Inhale. Scoop it up. Exhale, comb through. Hands to heart, right away, it's exciting.

Left leg, arms circle left, twist. Shiva twist, expand. Circle back to tree, have that moment of hover. Thread it back, nice long line. Warrior two.

Reverse. Cartwheel that arm like you're just clearing the slate. Back heel spins in and waaaa. It's better with sound effects. And then, oh my goodness, it's exciting.

We go back across in this nice lunge. Open to the knife edges of the feet. Hover and then lower down. And float the energy back up. And just let this breathe, in and breathe out.

One more. Take it up and around and over the top. Step back. Plank, chaturanga. Upward facing.

Downward facing. Inhale left leg lifts. Scoop it on through. In your lunge push off. Snuggle it on down.

Twist. And then unwind it all, come back to center. Standing split, square it off. Hollow it out, lead with your heart. Whaaaaaaa.

That was for effect (giggling). Plant your feet. Let it go. Scoop and gather. (deep exhale) Tadasana.

Dive back in and scoop and gather. And then stand in balance. Bring hands to the belly. Lift and shift the weight to your left leg. Bending through the right leg.

That might be enough, ya? Flex through the foot and then try to kick your heel to your hip. Extend the energy with the right arm sweeping back behind you and then come to clasp that right foot. Inhale lift from the center, rise up through the heart extend and start to kick back any amount into bow. Mindful that you only go as far forward as you kick back.

Keep it all in balance as you inhale. And exhale. Without letting the belly fall (giggling) mine is. Ya, I'm just gonna rub it. Without letting the belly fall, try to square off and gather, lifting and supporting through the front body.

I'm gonna eat it. I'm totally gonna eat it. She's almost... Oh, oh! She made it! Oh it's exciting! It's live. It's live.

And then stand tall. (gasps) and twist it out. Yes. Big finish back to center, inhale. Dive on in, maybe you can find your legs again.

Nice and grounded. Kwaaaa Hands to the center. Lift that left leg. And then rather than fighting to get a hold of it, see if you can just open back around it. Holding onto the inside or the outside of the foot.

Inhale, grow taller through your roots. Lift up and out of yourself as you bow. (laughing) And then gently, end scene, bring it across into your twist. Okay. Breathing back to center.

Part the feet. Hips width or a little wider. And then with this next prawnik bath scoop on down into malasana. Gather and then just let your head kinda hang. Let the weight of your mind fall forward.

(deep exhale) Let it all go. Walk your hands back to a little table top position. And then shrug the shoulders, lift the heart, let the throat center open and your mind just pour out. And then allow the hips to hit the floor. Nice and easy, shrug it off.

And we'll come onto our backs. As you lie down, draw the knees in, and allow the arms to reach out wide to the side. Take the legs to the left just easy little flow. Extend through the right leg. And then come back to center.

Just let it drip across and extend. One more, just rinse it across, extend it out. It might even feel good to hold on to the top leg. And then switch sides. Extending through the top leg.

Just see if you can get a hold of it. And then gently release. A final twist here. Plant the feet on the floor. Lift your hips up and over to the right six inches and set them back down.

Send the left leg out long to the end of your mat. And then draw the right knee in. You're gonna twist this across and then unfold the right leg any amount. Might take your right thumb and kinda hitch hike that hip down so you get a nice release through the back. Open through the heart space.

Second variation. We call this one the corkscrew. Cause you hold on to the bottom knee, or the bottom foot, bending through the bottom leg and then open it all up. It's not cause I like wine, it's just what we call it. I do like wine.

That is a different story. Come back to center (groans). Let it all unwind. Pause. And then lift and shift the legs to the left six inches.

Extend the right leg long. Left knee in. Drape it across the body. Wring it out. Extending through the knife edge of the foot maybe straighten the leg.

And then you can chill here, or bend through the bottom leg and it comes into bow variation. From here open the chest up, open your heart and gaze over the left shoulder. Peel that left hip down and away from the ribcage. Inhale. Exhale.

And then leave it all on the floor. Plant your feet. Kinda zig-zag the hips. This is like a nice hula moment here. And then let it come back to earth.

Unfold the legs. Drape the arms down, hands lower than the heart. Let any last bit of fidgeting, mentally, let it go. And then the body comes to savasana. And bathe in your breath.

Feel the next breath washing into you. As it moves in through the soles of the feet and rinses up and over the length of the legs. Over the belly, the ribs, the chest. Over your mind. As you exhale like a wave, press down and out through the body, down and out through the soles of the feet, any last bit of tension, stress, agitation.

Take that twice more. Just soaking in energy. Breathing in through the soles of the feet, let it rise up like a wave and then press down and out of your mind and your body. Down and out through the soles of the feet any last bit of anxiety. Once more.

An awakening without judgment. Stretch the arms up and over. Gather yourself. Roll to your right side. Your heart, overflowing with patience, pour that energy into the palm of your hand as you press up, centered in it.

Come to sit. Anchored in acceptance. We'll take one last little wave. Gather your energy. Gather your mind.

Clear open inspired. Namaste.


Marina C
1 person likes this.
Thank you Suzy for an amazing practice! Definitely what I needed after a long week of work :)
1 person likes this.
Thank you for this fresh, fun, super helpful practice. It's lovely to be practicing with you!
Heike S
1 person likes this.
Love it, thank you for this flow
Deborah G
1 person likes this.
Loved this!!!! Thank you so much!
Kate M
1 person likes this.
well, I really needed a "mind-rinse" and an extra infusion of patience today! (some parental challenges!) Thank you for this. It is an embodied prayer : )
Merry Christmas! :)
Phuong E
During the vinyasa, I moved from impatience to a space of blessed gratitude. Thank you, Suzy. Exactly what I needed!
Annie T
A truly amazing class. So glad I 'found' Suzie's classes. Looking forward to MORE!!!
Janet L
love your classes thank you!!!

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