Yoga Groove Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Hip Love Flow

35 min - Practice


Suzy shares a practice to open and stretch the hips and integrate the core. We start supine with a series of postures to awaken the core, and move into a groovy flow practice to begin to find opening through the hips. We finish the practice with a breathing exercise and brief seated meditation. You will feel open, happy, and aware.

We've created a groovy Spotify playlist to go along with this season. If you'd like to practice along with music, click here.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This is such a fun flow! Suzy, I really enjoy your teaching style and creative movements. Thank you!
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I loved this class! Thanks for sharing your gift.
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Sophie & Cheryl - Thank you both so much for practicing with me and taking the time to leave a note - I'm so grateful - I was nervous and am really happy you dig it!
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Woot! I love your spirit and your language, Suzy. And temple dancer + Shiva pose was so much FUN! Thank you.
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Suzy, what a wonderful way to begin my day. A great short creative yoga flow to open the hips and engage the core. Love ending with the nidra breathing. Thank you.
Erika Thank you so much for sharing the mat with me - I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your spirit, too!
Diane Thank you for practicing with me and starting your day from a grounded creative place!
Great way to start the week! Thanks
Great energy and flow. Your enthusiasm is a gift.
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