Yoga Groove Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Get Slow and Low

40 min - Practice


We stay relaxed on the ground and move through a series of twists, hip openers, and leg stretches to release tension in the body. You will feel replenished and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Softly pushed right to the edges of places my muscles had never been before - Nice!
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Juicy hip opening and squeezed out all the day's tension. Ahhh thank you!
Nice practice at the end of a busy day - had been sitting on a plane most of the day
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Paul, I do enjoy your different approach, this is unlike any practice I have tried here. My hips and hammies are very tight, and I have to watch my low back, but I enjoyed the half happy baby stretch to the sides ( my legs will never be straight). I love the angular pose that leads into pigeon, never experienced that before but I enjoyed the stretch. Half hero I need to use a low bolster so my knees aren't screeming, and I don't get to the floor but again enjoy the stretch and release. I will need to do this often and hopefully get more open in the hips and legs.
Grateful for your instruction.

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