Yoga Groove - Season 2: Paul Hardiman

This season Paul will share practices designed to take us on a journey into ourselves. With a light-hearted and fun approach, this season will include a collection of fluid, stable, and clear Vinyasa classes to release tension and build strength and flexibility.
Welcome to Season 2
1 min
Yoga Groove
Show Intro
Paul Hardiman
Breathing Practice
30 min
Yoga Groove
All Levels
Paul Hardiman
Fluid Spine
45 min
Yoga Groove
Level 1/2
Paul Hardiman
Expansive Flow
50 min
Yoga Groove
Level 2
Paul Hardiman
Stabilization Flow
35 min
Yoga Groove
Level 2/3
Paul Hardiman
Get Slow and Low
40 min
Yoga Groove
Level 1
Paul Hardiman
Next Episode:
Releasing Tight Spots
Monday, May 29
(3 days from now)
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I really enjoyed Fluid Spine; simple but effective and I love your accent too!

23 days ago

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