Yoga Groove Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Back Care Program

30 min - Practice


Paul offers an easy practice for back relief and maintenance. We move through a series of postures to strengthen and release tension in the back before finishing in constructive rest on our backs. You will feel a sense of relief.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jun 05, 2017
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Clarity all the way through - including when we did "pull a pint" . . . Wonderfully subtle practice.
Thanks Eric, so glad it's working for you.
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Hi Paulie, so glad I found this practice! I have low back problems due to a herniated disc from years ago, along with tight hips and hamstrings. This was excellent and gave me space and relief in the lower back. Wonderful positions......the twist holding one knee was lovely. The lounging position is new to me, wonderful but I had pain in my knees (cranky). Is there some way I can accomadte my knees in this without compromising the stretch?
Opening the fascia is what I am striving for, to get a great release in my hips and low back
This practice I will do daily. Grateful for your teaching.
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Hi Paulie I have a question. When stretching the hips in lunge, when I reach back to arrempt to grab my foot, I get terrible spasms in my hamstrings, both legs. I found it better to stay in Lizard pose, but wanted to know if you can suggest something to get my hammies more stretched out. Stretching every day, but they're so tight. Thanks for any suggestions, grateful for this practice.
Hey Joan , I thank you for including this practice as part of your practice. I am away teaching for one more day and will answer your questions soon. In the meantime,don't do anything that hurts and we will find an alternative solution soon.
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Wow, just wow! Thanks so much!
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What a delight. The practice was amazing. Thanks!
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This was just wonderful. Thank you
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that went by fast! what a lovely practice. love loungeasana.
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this was exactly what my lower back needed, wonderful, thank you!
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