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Season 1 - Episode 2

Why Functional Fitness?

20 min - Conversation


Kira and Helya have a great conversation about Helya's new show Yogi Can't Jump. While this is not a yoga show per se, the practices in this new show will help support your yoga practice and allow you to show up in a different way and make movement fun again. Helya and Kira explore why and how.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Aug 08, 2017
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Awesome! I have seen an amazing change in my body as I have added functional training for the last 12 months twice a week. My yoga practice is so much stronger and softer, since I can hold the pose in a different way and relax more. With the strength there is less effort, and more stillness. And less aches and pains in joints!
So glad you all made this oppurtunity available! Looking forward to the season!
Petra! Right? Same experience. Helya's Level 2 and 3 will come out over the next few weeks. xok
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Ah yes! Great idea to incorporate this kind of training into YogaAnytime! I am learning more and more (as I age) that a varied fitness regime is what is healthiest for the body and mind. It is important to challenge the body and mind by jumping into new patterns of movement/thinking. I'm looking forward to giving this a try! : )

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