Inner Workings Artwork
Season 6 - Episode 2

Principles of Practice

5 min - Talk


Emma offers three principles of practice to keep in mind as we begin this new season of Inner Workings: 1. Quality of Breath, 2. Foundation and Stability, and 3. Listening to Your Body.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Aug 24, 2017
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Beautiful words from a authentic inspirational teacher 🙏🏻
Thank you, Sonia! Takes one to know one ;) x
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This little reminder was all i needed to know i am doing exactly what you taught me.... Breath is LIFE!
You know it, lady!
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❤️💫 Emma your words are beautiful ❤️my breath is like waves flowing through me
Thank you, Eleanor , I'm delighted you watched and enjoyed
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I'm so glad to meet you (virtually). I really love your intro and am looking forward to watching your videos.
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A lovely introduction Emma! I look forward to seeing the videos you will post. Im giving the shoulders one a go tomorrow morning :) Thanks for sharing with us all xx
Oceanna Thank you! I'm glad to meet you too :)
Thank you for your words I'm very happy you feel a resonance with what I shared.
Kimberly - yay! So great you came on here, I hope you love the shoulder class. It's very slow and super yummy :)
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