Inner Workings Artwork
Season 6 - Episode 4

Joint Mobilization

20 min - Practice


Emma shares a simple movement sequence to awaken and enliven the major joints of the body.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, thanks for being here. Let's get a bit of movement going in our joints. So we start with the neck. Have your feet hip distance apart so you feel balanced as you stand and grind it and start to roll, start to make circles with your nose the size of a coin. Getting into every little bit of movement here and then go out to the size of a saucer or side plate into a dinner plate back down to the saucer, down to a coin stop with your nose in the center and give your awareness to any sensations you feel around your neck or anywhere else in your body. Change sides around the coin, out to a side plate or saucer and dinner plate back down to the side plate and again stop with your nose in the middle. Give attention to any sensations you feel through your neck and move into the shoulders. So inhale, first arms up. Interlace your fingers and pull your elbows towards each other. Rub your elbows together so they move like piston arms. Get an end to your wrists and fingers here as well and release again and release your fingers the other way this time. Bring them down again and release, arms up and down. Hands in Namaste and arms wide and exhale close together and again relax your arms down by your sides, take a breath. Bring your hands onto your hips a little bit wider and start to make circles with your hips. Breathe in for a full round and breathe out for a full round. You're not going to the extreme edge of your hip mobility here. Just a nice comfortable circle. Change direction. And come to stop, relax, take a breath, step your feet a little closer together and bring the movement just into your sacrum. Little circles and change direction. Take a breath and rest and bring your feet together. Bend your knees. I put my hands on my knees but I'm not putting a load of weight down through my knees at this point. Bend and make circles. Roll from side to side on the feet. Change direction. And come to standing again, shake that out and take your weight into one foot, tip the other foot up and roll around the ankle and over the toes. It might not feel amazing the first time you do this but it does get easier. And shake it out, other side. You could hold onto something here if you need to for balance as well. Okay, shake it out. Find your breath again. Bigger movements into the spine here. So start the breath first then the movement comes. Look up, see the hands, pause, start the exhale and bring the arms down. Two more times just like that. Inhale up. Exhale down. Draw your shoulders back chest up and look up on an inhale and exhale. Bend your knees a little, run through your spine, bring your pinky fingers together. Pause at the bottom of the breath and inhale, opens up the front body. Look up. Exhale. Again, inhale, open the front body, lift the chest, look up and exhale. Bend your knees, round your back, look down, bring your pinky fingers together. Two more times just like that. How fast you move depends on your breath today. Let your breath be what tells you when to start each movement. Inhale neutral. Exhale here. Arms up. Inhale. Grab hold of one wrist and exhale to the other side. Inhale takes your vertical. Switch hands and exhale. Inhale up. First side again. Breath moves first.

Keep going. Two more rounds. One round is both sides. This time when you inhale vertical, stay there as long as you can be from your heels to your fingertips and exhale fully. Breathe in again. Exhale fully. Two more. Expand with the breath. And contract with the breath. Another full breath in. Exhale, take your left arm forward and your right arm back. Inhale up. Face forward. Pause at the top. Exhale. Other side. In again. And exhale. Two more rounds. Inhale to the top. As tall as you can. Exhale. Twist to the side. Inhale up. And twist. Inhale again. Both arms up into the air. And twist to one side. Arms come to horizontal. Inhale up. Horizontal. Twist to the other side. And up again. Keep your hands up and exhale fully. Full breath in. And exhale. Bring your arms down. Rest for a moment. Give attention to any sensations you feel. Whether it's your heart beating a little faster, sweat on your skin, some working of muscles in your arms and around your shoulders. And inhale, arms wide. And exhale. Fold to the floor. Band your knees. Relax your neck. When the inhale comes, power through your legs all the way up, arms wide. Look up. And exhale hands to Namaste. And again, inhale wide. Exhale fold. Inhale up.

Exhale Namaste. Three more like this. If your breath moves a little faster, then go a little faster. It's fine. Inhale wide. Exhale fold. Inhale up. Exhale, hands together. And again. And hands down into Namaste. Arms wide again. Exhale fold. Place your hands on your shins and inhale. Lift up. Exhale fold. Power through your legs. Inhale all the way up. And exhale down. Arms wide. Inhale. Exhale fold. Inhale halfway lift. Exhale fold. Strong legs. Inhale all the way up. Look up. And exhale. Two more. Just like that. Inhale wide. Exhale fold. Inhale halfway. Exhale fold. Inhale all the way up. And exhale. Last one. Inhale, hands in Namaste. Rest your arms by your side. Run a scan through your body. Give attention to any sensations you feel. And to the quality of your breath.

Lift your feet a little wider. And start a gentle swing from side to side. So let your arms be carried by the momentum. You're not really moving them. Let your hands slap onto your waist and your low back. And one hand to the shoulder. Keep your nose pretty much in the centre of your chest. And down to the waist again. Slow down the movement. Until your arms come to still. Step back in. Just wider than hip distance apart. And last a little tingling on the skin. So slap. And slap up the inside of your arm. Over the shoulder. And down the outside. And again. Up. Soft. In the channel of the body. Over the shoulder. And down the outside. One more. Over the shoulder and down. Other side. Up the inside. Over the shoulder and down the outside. And again. Shake out your arms. Bend forward. And from the insides of your feet. Up the insides of your legs. Across your groin. And your belly. Down the outside. Slap all the way up. Across the belly. At the side of your butt. Down the outside of your legs. And again. Up. And down. Come up again. This time slap all around your belly. Your low ribs. Up onto your chest. And get the back of your neck. Up over your head. Fingernails on the head can be pretty nice. Then around your forehead. Little sockets with your eyes. Cheekbones. Around your chin. Shake it out. Thank you. Namaste.


Nicole M
1 person likes this.
Thanks Emma! That was the perfect break from my desk work, now i'm recharged and ready to go!
Kari L
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Was a very good exercise to bring me back to awareness within myself after taking care of my senior paralyzed dog around the clock. Namaste
Eleanor M
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Loved it & my energy different after it , I'm tingling everywhere 💫❤️you know you are fab
Emma Warmington
Nicole I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Now get back to work ;)
Emma Warmington
Kari thank you for commenting. I went through a similar experience recently with our wee 16yr old Yorkie. It's absolutely draining, I know. I'm so glad you got to enjoy the practice. Please keep it up. Best wishes, Emma
Emma Warmington
Eleanor Yay! I love the champagne bubbles feeling all through my body too. Thank you for practicing and commenting! We'll do this in person at the workshops in Ireland soon :)
Simon ?
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Wow. Great wake up. Really good to refocus on these foundations with breath. Super grateful Emma Warmington!
Emma Warmington
I'm so glad you enjoyed the practice, Simon , thank you for commenting :) I'm all for finding more ease by pushing less and this practice about sums that up for me. Thank you again!
Hannah A
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Hi Emma! Loved the sequence and finishing the sequence with the yang/yin slaps. I just got home from a long day at work and have some computer-work to do this evening. I was feeling drained before this practice but now I feel ready for work! And dinner, too. Thanks, looking forward to the next one!

PS Is saucer a UK thing? I'm intrigued now.
Emma Warmington
Hannah Hmmmm I wonder what the international language for saucer is..... erm, side plate!
I'm loving that you getting such good use of the classes. Me = in happy place :)
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