Yoga for Body & Mind with Jasmine Tarkeshi Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 14

Happy Hour

55 min - Practice


Jasmine shares a nourishing and cleansing practice designed for late afternoon and early evening to help us transition from work into our personal or family life. We explore sun salutations, standing, balancing and seated postures, inversions, heart openers, and deep calming forward bends to move into a quieter space of presence.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Block (2)

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Jasmine, thanks so much for this wonderful lass! I loved it So good to practice with you from afar. Love from Cologne!
Wonderful "cocktail hour"!
Thankyou beautiful Jasmine for this class xx
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Thank you, Jasmine, for sharing your inspired and inspiring teaching on this platform. This is real "seva".
I recently moved away from SF and the Laughing Lotus studio. I didn't realize how much my body was missing the Lotus flow sequences until finding your classes here. Thank you, thank you!
Sonja So happy to practice together!! Hope to again soo in person, talking to Nicole about coming back to Cologne! 
Emily So happy to practice with you from afar and so happy you enjoyed the practice :) 
Jasmine oooooh, I love that you're planning to come back to Cologne Miss my Lotus tribe  
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Jasmine, Thanks so much for recommending this site! It’s keeping me practicing during Covid. I miss Laughing Lotus and was so glad to take your Happy Hour virtually!
Megan SO happy you joined YA and thrilled we can practice together virtually until The Lotus reopens its beautiful doors.
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