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Season 1 - Episode 12

Day 4: Observe Your Sensations

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 4. Lets now become aware and begin to label the sensations in the body in today's meditation practice.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome to day four of ten. Let's find our seat and take a soft gaze or close the eyes. Hands can rest up or down or palm and palm base of the lap. Maybe you're dropping right in to your comfortable seat now. Maybe it's a little easier to find it.

Notice the equilibrium through the sit bones. Notice the lift through the spine all the way beyond the crown of the head. Let the shoulders draw back and down. Relax the face, the jaw, the neck, establishing your seat. And then let your awareness notice the thoughts.

Gently becoming aware of where the mind is today. Maybe observing any repetition, any patterns you're becoming aware of through your practice and then shifting the awareness to the sensations of the body, observing how you feel physically that's present in this moment. And then guiding the awareness to the flow of your breath. Always the through line, always the touchstone. When you come back to the breath over and over, so feeling the expansion of the inhales and the softening of the exhales.

And just as we did yesterday, exploring dimensions of thought and gently naming them, we're letting them pass, explore the dimensions of the body, the sensations that may be arising as you sit. Again, we do this with a lot of space, a lot of witnessing. So rather than getting completely sucked into any sensations, lost in any sensations, we sustain a connection to the breath, we sustain that expansive quality of awareness as we explore the felt experience. So maybe it's sharp, maybe it's dull, tingly, contracted, hot, cold, the actual physical quality without any storyline attached. Maybe it's as simple as saying silently to yourself, knee, or mid-back, or jaw.

So I give it a little bit of your attention, and then observe how that felt experience changes, moves, cools down, dissipates. So I give it a little bit of your attention, and then observe how that felt experience changes, and then observe how that felt experience changes, and then observe how that felt experience changes. So I give it a little bit of your attention, and then observe how that felt experience You You Just a patient, loving awareness, observing the fluctuation of thought, observing the sensations in the body and returning over and over again to the breath. And if the eyes are closed, let them open. Letting that transition back into the space around you.

Thank you so much. If you have any questions, insights, feedback, I would truly love to know more about your experience. Please reach out and share. I look forward to seeing you for day five. Namaste.



Chris C
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Rosemary - Thank you for putting together this amazing series. I love the 'walk through' method and detail. Even for people who are practicing or just wanting a refresher/reminder - this is wonderful! Your wholistic style as a yoga instructor and mindfulness meditation practice is such a gift to me and others... Look forward to the rest of the series... XO
Rosemary Garrison
You're an angel. Thank you. Xxo.
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nice idea to simply label the sensation as well as the thought (which i am more familiar with) - dissolved some knee discomfort without thinking much more about it. thanks!
Rosemary Garrison
Love to hear that! Thank you for sharing the specific shift...
Glenford N
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Totally relaxing. Ive just woken up and now I feel like taking a nap. It's Saturday morning so why not. Really tuning into the subtle sensations of my body and to completely let go. Thanks Rosemary. Namaste.
Rosemary Garrison
Yes to napping. Yes to more rest. And to tuning into the subtle sensations of the body... Namaste.
Kate M
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I just got a "sit set" this week - a large flat cushion and a smaller cylindrical one filled with buckwheat hulls to sit on (Halfmoon, Vancouver). I had tried so many different combos of blocks, etc. to get comfortable before - but this set is sooooo comfortable. I feel supported and at ease, and does that ever make a difference to my attitude towards sitting practice!! 
Rosemary Garrison
Yay for a comfortable seat, @Kate! So happy to hear this. It seems simple, but if our seat isn't yummy- the whole thing is doomed from the start. 
Glenford N
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Sitting with sensations of my body is a major step forward in recovery and a better life. Thanks for giving me the tools with your calm instructions and wisdom.  Namaste 
Rosemary Garrison
It is my great honor and joy. 
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