21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 33

Day 21: Surrender and Trust

20 min - Practice


You made it—congratulations! In our last day together we will again explore the mantra Om Shiv Gorak Yogi, increasing the feeling tone, trusting in the process, and surrendering to the mantra. Notice how you feel and thank you so much for joining me on this journey.
What You'll Need: No props needed


Thank you. I can practice without you now but not sure I want to. You are a part of my meditation habit and I will miss your guidance.
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Curtis, so happy you completed the 21 days! You can always replay your favorites. Glad you are here. Love, Kira
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I love this practice so much, I can't leave you Nikki!!! I'm going to replay them.
Carol excellent! thank you for the positive feedback..
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Miigwech (thank you in Ojibwe Language) . A wonderful sense of openness and trust has been developed in me from your teachings. I especially appreciate the awareness that comes with surrendering to the power of the language that a mantra gives a person. I will replay daily. Miigwech, Ben.
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a truly great series - you've given me a real boost with my practice. huge thanks.
Good Matthew !! So happy to hear it’s supported you & your practice.
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Thank you 🕉🙏
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I loved feeling like the mantra was carrying me. I'll carry that on for future sessions! Thank you!!
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Thanks Nikki. I will continue doing the 21 Day Challenge every other day. And do yoga on the off day. You have been an inspiration. Namaste.
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