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8 Tips for Success

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Meditation can be very challenging and it helps to set ourselves up for success. Here are eight tips and tricks for success to consider before embarking on the next ten days together.
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Jul 01, 2017
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Before we embark on this challenge, we would go over a few tips for success, specifically eight tips for success that will help support you in your meditation practice. The first one is really simple, you're just going to make the choice, you're going to make the commitment to do this, don't reevaluate it, don't reassess it throughout the whole ten day period, just make the choice, and you can look at it, think about it, reevaluate it after the ten days are over. You might even write a little sticky note like I'm committing, put it on your mirror, it will be a little visual reminder every now and then. Number two is consistency, and I cannot emphasize this one enough. If we spend the whole day wondering when we're going to get to our sit, it may never happen and it's a constant distraction or agitation.

If we know we just sit first thing when we wake up or the last thing before we go to sleep, then it's ingrained. So my morning ritual, I wake up, brush my teeth, let the animals out, make my latte, sit down. For you it could be any number of different permutations, but make the choice and know when it is, it will help immensely. Number three is share, meaning you can invite friends and family to do this challenge with you. You can kind of talk about it and share the experience with them.

And even if they're not participating, you could ask them to hold you accountable. So maybe they check in on you on day four or five and then at the end just kind of see how you're doing. And I find if other people just know I'm embarking on something, then it's in the back of my mind that they're holding me accountable. So you can try that one. Number four is create the space.

This is a personal favorite of mine because I like aesthetics and I like things around me to feel really supportive. And this can be any number of different things. It can really simply just be your meditation cushion. It might be a candle or a simple altar or some incense, whatever works for you, kind of figure it out internally, create it so that it's there. And every time you go to sit, it doesn't take two, three, four, five minutes just to set up where you're sitting, right?

Make it easy for yourself. Number five is journal or track or notice. And this will be fun because at some point in the challenge, I'll offer some optional homework and you can kind of weave that into your journaling. I find this is really, really helpful because there's a lot coming up when we sit, especially if we're new to it. There are going to be questions, maybe insights, agitations, any number of things.

And if you write them down, they're not kind of swimming around in the mind quite as much. So explore that. If people like to write more than others, maybe it works for you, maybe it doesn't. Six is be kind to yourself, right? 10 minutes, 10 days is a lot to take on.

It's a big commitment and sitting can be really, really challenging. So if the negative thoughts start to swim around, if you find you're physically uncomfortable, if it just gets challenging to carve out 10 minutes, notice that and be really, really compassionate with yourself. Have patience and try to replace those negative critical thoughts with some really kind and loving thoughts, right? This kind of leads right into number seven, which is great rewards for yourself. Like why not?

Maybe it's just a tiny little one after each sit. Maybe it's a big one at the end. Maybe it's both. And again, this is like creating your space. It's totally personal.

If you love chocolate, if you have a favorite smoothie, if you love long walks on the beach, whatever it may be for you, decide what that is and kind of have it set up so that you know it's waiting for you when you've completed this challenge. The final step is enjoy yourself as much as possible. Hold this lightly, be really kind of gentle with yourself and look for the pleasure and the enjoyment in it wherever you can. One final note is if you know that there might be tips for success for you that I haven't mentioned, consider that. Just kind of add them to the list and weave them into your practice.

Another reminder that this is not easy. It's a big challenge. It's a lot to take on. So go gently, use these tips wisely and good luck. Enjoy.


Kim Detamore
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These 8 tips are great, useful. It's crazy that ten minutes daily is a lot! Rosemary provides helpful suggestions.
Rosemary Garrison
Yay! Thanks, sweet Kim.
Luisa C
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Namaste Rosemary 🙏🏼✨ I just want to say I feel connected and am very thankful for having this opportunity. Thank you for such wonderful tips. Starting day 1 now! Om
Rosemary Garrison
You are most welcome, Luisa . I am excited for your 10 day adventure and I look forward to hearing how it goes. Go gently with yourself... and enjoy! Namaste.
Linda S
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Just getting started with a new chapter after moving 2400 miles. Carving out time for me to lessen the stress I feel. Yoga was number one. So thankful for this app. Herbal Tea and Bamboo candles will be part of these 10 days.
With much gratitude, (can do this at home).
Rosemary Garrison
This is beautiful, Linda S . Congratulations on the move. Such a wise way to settle in and support yourself thru the transition. Be well and enjoy. 

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