Body Poetry Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Four Chambers of the Heart

10 min - Practice


Kristin guides us in a sweet meditation to connect with the four rooms or chambers of the heart.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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This was beautiful. Thank you so much for these practices, I'm really happy you are here x
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Thank YOU!! I'm so happy you are here and enjoyed the practices!
Beautiful meditation. You having a sweet soothing voice. It’s a dreary November day here in Connecticut, and this meditation made me feel held and cozy.
Thanks Jenny that's so lovely!
Such a beautiful meditation... (I am taking a break from my subscription as of tomorrow - but I look forward to exploring more of your videos when I'm back in the new year!)
Have a great break and I look forward to seeing you back on here after the New Year!
So, so lovely!! Thank you!
Thank you Diane ! Happy you're here:)
beautiful .... so moving... very grateful, thank you
Shawnee very grateful that you are here:)
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