Body Poetry Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 12

Nervous System Lecture

15 min - Talk


Kristin shares a talk all about the nervous system with the intention to peek curiosity about the miracle that is you. She breaks down the central and peripheral nervous system and explains how yoga can be used as a way to hack the nervous system to bring us into a more balanced state.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 21, 2017
Jnana, Tantra
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I really appreciate how you break this down. And thanks for the laugh (PNS) 😹
heeheehee Jenny thanks!
This tutorial was helpful. You are really easy to listen to. Thank you.:)
Thank you so much for listening Faye and for your kind words!
Thank you! I miss your easy-to-understand explanations, but how great to rewind and listen again.
Thanks Melissa ! So happy to have you here!
I always appreciate the non-demonizing approach to looking at things, which is inherent in the system in balance. Lack of balance is the only real culprit. That puts the agency in the yogi/yogini which is where it needs to be.
So beautifully said Caroline ! I totally agree:)
Beautifully explained. You know how to captivate your audience! Fascinating area of study. Thank you for this meaningful orientation.
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oh my gosh Kate you're the sweetest!! Thanks for being here!
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