The Ashtanga Practice Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 13

Led Intermediate, Act 2

35 min - Practice


Dylan, with the help of Citrine, guides the continuation of Intermediate series. Dylan breaks down some of the deeper postures and backbends, offering techniques and modifications to help us experience expansive ease within effort.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall

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Some helpful approaches to these intense backbending postures! In my class, I need to offer lots of adaptations. (One that I was just experimenting with for Supta Vajrasana places a bolster lengthwise behind the back and uses a belt to bind.) Thank you Citrine and Dylan!
Hey Kate ! I definitely think it's useful to be "strapped" with as many adaptations as you are able. I use them only when needed and I counsel people to use a modification only as long as they need to... eventually building towards a more full, independent expression of the posture. Supta Vajrasana is definitely a challenging asana, especially when practicing solo! Thanks for your interest and many blessings upon your path! D

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