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The Ashtanga Practice

The Ashtanga Practice will increase your sense of vibrant energy, strength, and power. This show is designed to assist in your discovery, enjoyment, and success with the sequences. We will share tips, tricks, techniques as well as guided practices to help you through the series.

Season 3 - Maria Villella

In Season 3, Maria will offer tutorials and practices to assist with the more challenging parts of the first and second series. This season is designed for practitioners of the Ashtanga practice or those who have been practicing Vinyasa yoga for a few years.

Season 4 - David Garrigues

In Season 4, David guides us in a step-by-step study of the Ashtanga Primary Series as a means of gaining knowledge of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. With attention towards detail and skillful precision, we learn a progressive sequence of dynamic postures and exercises.

Season 5 - Dylan Bernstein

In Season 5, Dylan will offer support, guidance, and encouragement on the developing and deepening of your Ashtanga practice. We move beyond the physical to gain mental clarity with meditation in movement. This season we will explore the entire Primary Series as well as workshop some postures for more detailed instruction. Join us.

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