30 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 4

Energy Flow

30 min - Practice


Sarah guides us in a Vinyasa flow practice with elements of Qigong to link the movement with the breath and flow of energy. This practice targets the hamstrings and shoulders. You will feel fluid and clear.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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Loved this flow! Exactly what I needed this morning.
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Love your classes, Sarah!
Hi Maggie! So happy to be practicing together here on Yoga Anytime and glad this class was a good one for you! Love, Sarah
Hi KH! I am so happy to hear that and happy to be practicing together here. Love, Sarah
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Really enjoying this series. Waiting for the next episode.
Hi Susan Cameron! So happy to be practicing together and happy to hear you are enjoying the series! The next episode is now live, all the best! https://www.yogaanytime.com/class-view/2441/video/Yoga-Lengthen-and-Strengthen-by-Sarah-Beston
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this was my favorite of the season :) I really enjoyed when we were in chair and we pushed the bad energy away. that felt good! thanks Sarah Beston
You are so welcome, Briana ! I love clearing the energy that way as well and often do this in my own practice. Have a wonderful weekend!
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I enjoyed my half-moon so much! I love your cues! Thank you for the practice! Namaste!
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Hi Vahid ! So happy to hear. Half moon is such a great posture! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Sarah :)
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