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30 Minute Yoga Flows

Energize, refresh, and strengthen in just thirty minutes.

Season 1 - Sarah Beston

In Season 1, Sarah will share a collection of 30-minute Vinyasa sequences to invite energy and freedom into the body, mind, and heart. We will explore a variety of sequences designed to target specific areas such as the hamstrings, hips, spine, and core. With an invitation to consult with the teacher within, you will feel happy, alive, and energized.

Season 2 - Linda Baffa

In Season 2, get your practice in and get on with your day. Linda Baffa shares refreshing, invigorating, and challenging thirty minute flow practices to connect you to your power center and breath.

Season 3 - Sarah Beston

In Season 3, Sarah will share Vinyasa flow practices designed to energize, strengthen, and stretch the entire body. This season we will explore grounding and balancing practices, as well as sequences to find opening in the heart, hips, shoulders, and mind. You will feel a sense of calm and ease in the body, mind, and heart.

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