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30-Minute Yoga Flows

Energize, refresh, and strengthen in just thirty minutes.

Season 1 - Sarah Beston

In Season 1, Sarah will share a collection of 30-minute Vinyasa sequences to invite energy and freedom into the body, mind, and heart. We will explore a variety of sequences designed to target specific areas such as the hamstrings, hips, spine, and core. With an invitation to consult with the teacher within, you will feel happy, alive, and energized.

Season 2 - Linda Baffa

In Season 2, get your practice in and get on with your day. Linda Baffa shares refreshing, invigorating, and challenging thirty minute flow practices to connect you to your power center and breath.

Season 3 - Sarah Beston

In Season 3, Sarah will share Vinyasa flow practices designed to energize, strengthen, and stretch the entire body. This season we will explore grounding and balancing practices, as well as sequences to find opening in the heart, hips, shoulders, and mind. You will feel a sense of calm and ease in the body, mind, and heart.

Season 4 - Brenda Lear

In Season 4, Brenda shares creative, dynamic, and playful vinyasa sequences that will build heat, strength, and energy. You will feel inspired and nourished.

Season 5 - Sarah Beston

In Season 5, Sarah guides us through practices that are energizing, grounding, detoxifying, strengthening, and opening. As we go deep into the postures, we tap into the wisdom of the body resulting in a calm, still mind.

Season 6 - Lydia Zamorano

In Season 6, Lydia leads five playful and dynamic sequences to challenge mobility, strength, and balance, open and detoxify the body, and get you moving with confidence and joy.

Season 7 - Rosemary Garrison

In Season 7, Rosemary leads 5 dynamic and challenging practices to awaken vitality, strengthen and lengthen the body, ease the mind, and leave you feeling vibrant, joyful, and empowered.

Season 8 - Wade Gotwals

This season we explore dynamic flows that will increase range of motion, detoxify the body, fire up the core, and strengthen the shoulders, hips, glutes, and legs. In just 30 minutes you will expand your energy, and feel refreshed, recharged, and more connected with you.

Season 9 - Sarah Beston

This season, we ask the question, What does it feel like to move like you? Let your inner teacher guide you on this journey as we tap into our own intuitive alignment, moving with awareness from the inside out. We will increase flexibility, build strength, and release tension so that you can show up to your day with presence, focus, and ease.

Season 10 - Rosemary Garrison

This season, we follow the chakras to a new way of experiencing a rooted, joyful, and embodied yoga practice. These short classes are aimed at grounding and building strength as well as creating a sense of dynamic play and fluidity. They build heat and cultivate fire while supporting a wide open heart and a clear mind.

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