30 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 7

Embrace the Wobble

30 min - Practice


Sarah guides us in an energizing flow to challenge your balance and strengthen your presence and focus. We explore such balancing postures as Tree Pose, Eagle Pose, Dancer Pose, and Side Plank. You will feel challenged and happy.
What You'll Need: Mat


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A very thorough and fun practice! A lot happens in this 30 minutes, even some sweat-inducing moments. Feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day 🌟
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Hi Jenny ! Thank you for practicing with me and so happy you are feeling refreshed. Hope you had an amazing day!
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thanks Sarah Beston ! Perfect for this calming rainy day we have here in dc. especially enjoyed dancers pose. Are you allowed tell us the brands of these cool green yoga pants?
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Hi Briana ! Love a good rainy day! The pants are by Kira Grace! https://www.kiragrace.com/ Have a wonderful day!
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Hi Sarah Beston ! The part of yoga class I look forward to the most (other than savasana) is doing balance poses! Tree, Half Moon, and Dancer are my favorites. So this class was perfect for me! Thank you! Namaste
Hi Leah! I am so happy that you love balancing postures - I do too! And of course savasana is the best part! ;) Have a wonderful weekend, Sarah
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Sweet sequencing, Sarah! I have a question: how do you remember these sequences when you're teaching? Any little tricks - ? In gratitude, Namaste.
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Hi Kate! Such a wonderful question! When I am teaching a regular class in-person, I try to practice the sequence a few times on my own before class so that I can feel it in my own body. Once I feel it in my body, I am usually able to remember. Sometimes it is helpful to write it down as well depending on how you learn best. For Yoga Anytime, luckily we have cue cards to help us remember and that famous little word called "cut" haha. Hope this helps!
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Thanks, Sarah! You make it look so absolutely effortless here! I guess I do something similar... I have to go over a sequence again and again. Last week (exceptionally - I was subbing 2 classes) I got to teach a class 3 times. By the third time it was getting pretty comfortable! I rarely have that opportunity though, and need to rely on written notes a bit...
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That's amazing, Kate! Are you just starting your teaching journey?
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