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Season 1 - Episode 6

Gayatri Mantra with Friends

5 min - Practice


Harmonize and connect with the power and energy of the sun. In a casual, intimate setting in the backyard of an Ojai Villa, Julia Berkeley, Saul David Raye, and Jim Beckwith share the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri Mantra is a vedic mantra, and is most often understood as is a prayer to the sun.

Within the chanting of the sacred mantra, Saul offers a healing prayer for all beings.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Namaste dear yogi friend. I am delighted to be here today with Saul David Ray and Jim Beckwith and we're going to share with you the Gayatri Mantra. It's one of the oldest and most powerful of the Sanskrit mantras and Saul has a lot more knowledge than I do about it. So he's going to share a little bit about the Gayatri with you and then we're going to sing together and invite you to join in with us. So thank you Saul. That sounds like fun. We should do that. It's an honor to be here and be with our sister Julia and brother Jim and all of you. As Julia was saying, it's one of the oldest in the yoga tradition, the Vedic tradition, one of the oldest mantras and it's really like just to say simply it's a solar light invocation and it's to harmonize and connect with the energy of the sun. And if you ask anyone from a yogi to a scientist harmonizing with the sun and being in tune with the power of the sun, it couldn't be more important because it's the source of life for the planet. And so part of the expression is that there's one light, one energy that assumes all forms and that it's in you and I and it's in every flower and river and blade of grass and that that is the light that is the essence of all things. So really this is a prayer to that and so a simple translation is that it's a meditation on the one light, one energy that pervades all of creation, the earth, atmosphere and heavens. May this light illuminate our minds. May it guide us in our journey and it's really a prayer for peace for all beings. So simple explanation and people could find out more about it. And there's a couple of different, well there's many ways to do it and we chose to do it today not so much in the traditional chanting style but more in just the song form. So we're going to share that with you and this is not a music or a song. Just go into your heart, into your breath. If you know it sing with us, if not you may just want to listen. Mm hmm. VÄ쳌sÅ«vÄ쳌hÄ쳌 dÄ쳌sÄ쳌mitu vÄ쳌reá¹?yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ«yoyoá¹?a kajodarÄ쳌yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sÅ«vÄ쳌hÄ쳌 dÄ쳌sÄ쳌mitu vÄ쳌reá¹?yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ«yoyoá¹?a kajodarÄ쳌yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ«yoyoá¹?a kajodarÄ쳌yÄ쳌 The light of the same sun shines down on us all, gives life to all of creation. So may we all hold in our hearts a prayer for peace, a prayer for healing, not only for ourselves but for all the children, all the ancestors, for all those that will come after us, all the plants and animals, all the beings that we share this creation with. May all be happy, may all be free.

VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ쳌sÄ쳌mitu vÄ쳌reá¹?yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ«yoyoá¹?a kajodarÄ쳌yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ«yoyoá¹?a kajodarÄ쳌yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ«yoyoá¹?a kajodarÄ쳌yÄ쳌 VÄ쳌god devÄ쳌sya dÄ«mÄ쳌hÄ« dÄ쳌sÄ쳌mitu vÄ쳌reá¹?yÄ쳌 May the light guide you on your journey, many blessings, aho, namaste.


Sherrie L
3 people like this.
Thank you! A Beautiful and soothing energy of Divine Love.
Maria Elena D
So beautiful! thank you.
Debra D
2 people like this.
Some cloud passed over me this morning but I sang this with you to feel th sun. Thank you.
Julia Berkeley
Oh Debra , thank you for this sincere reminder of the power of this practice. May the light of your heart shine brightly no matter what clouds pass through ?
Jenny S
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Revisiting this beautiful practice this’s supposed to be an overcast, kind of gloomy day here is Connecticut. Amazingly, just as you were chanting, and then Saul began speaking about the sun, the clouds opened up into the most glorious blazing sunshine with robin’s egg blue skies! Coincidence? I think not! 🌞
Julia Berkeley
Jenny I'm smiling... thanks for sharing this sweet moment!

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