45 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 4

Mandala Flow

45 min - Practice


When you move in a circular pattern, or mandala, energy naturally shifts. In this practice, Linda guides us in a journey around the mat from front to back and side to side in an effort to shift our energy and create a luxurious and very welcome mental shift.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Wow. Great way to start our week!
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Excellent practice, and fun! Perfect length and great flow. Some of the asanas were just delicious; one-legged down dog, fish, side angle. I like that variations were offered though for now I skipped side crow and wheel.
Kit & Dee Dee Yay! Sorry for the delay in response... so glad you enjoyed the practice!
Paula Marie omg... your dog is SO cute! Thank you for sharing your feedback with me... That is wonderful that you are taking what works for you from the practice and skipping what does not. (I often skip wheel too actually!) Sending breaths and gratitude, linda
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This very well may become my go-to morning flow. The mandala flow has been a favorite of mine to practice, and as a teacher I am working on a sequence to share the Love! I varied side-crow and wheel to suit my own practice--side crow turned into an extended parsvakonasana and wheel setu bandha sarvangasana. Namaste.
Wendy That's awesome! I know how you feel... I love how a Mandala flow allows us to get out of our head, be creative and make the practice feel different every time! Thanks for sharing your feedback! Namaste ;)
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Really great practice. Thank you.
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Enjoyed this again! Thank you
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Thank you! Amazing way to start my day.
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I love these long, creative flows. I occasionally wonder about doing the other side, but then remember that it’s fine, cos Linda’s got it! Thank you for keeping it fresh and exciting!

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