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45-Minute Yoga Flows

Feel held in the magic of yoga in these forty-five minute Vinyasa practices that strengthen, stretch, and energize the whole body.

Season 1 - Rosemary Garrison

In Season 1, Rosemary shares sequences designed to cover all of the essentials of a vinyasa flow practice. Together, we will hone our inner strength, steadiness, and resilience to cultivate a balance of effort and ease. You will feel grounded, energized, and held in the magic of yoga.

Season 2 - Linda Baffa

In Season 2, Linda shares vinyasa flow sequences designed to strengthen the entire body from head to toe while exploring a moving meditation with the breath. You will feel spacious, strong, clear, and deeply connected to yourself.

Season 3 - Dana Slamp

Yoga teaches us that we are enough just the way we are. This season, Dana shares creative vinyasa flow sequences, meditations, and pranayama techniques with themes of grounding, cleansing, strengthening, visioning, and opening. You will feel energized, balanced, and centered body, mind, and spirit.

Season 4 - Wade Gotwals

In Season 4, Wade shares dynamic, energizing, and playful vinyasa sequences—all with different moods and qualities—to inspire your practice. You will feel challenged, fluid, strong, and a deeper sense of connection.

Season 5 - Sarah Beston

Yoga begins with listening inward. This season, we move dynamically through 6 grounding and energizing sequences centered around principles of mindfulness. We explore postures that will strengthen, nurture, and revitalize, while inviting ease and kindness into the mind, body, and heart. These classes will bring awareness and compassion to your day and leave you feeling invigorated, restored, and present. 

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