Yoga for Trauma Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 7

Centered and Rebalanced

50 min - Practice


Kyra guides us in a practice designed to help us move from the extremes of imbalance to our own unique spaces of center. We move through slow, intentional movements to rebalance the body and mind, playing with lunges, balancing postures, and hip openers. You will feel centered and relaxed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

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Thank you so much for this class. I really love the sounding with movement. Love the Hakini mudra, it's especially nice when practicing in a warm room. I'm a yoga teacher with a history of PTSD and this class is very helpful to me and my students. Thank you! More please!
This was exactly what I needed today. Thank you, Kyra, making me laugh and smile through all the stress. Namaste.
great class - many thanks. i especially liked the permission to note irksome mental activity with compassion!
I loved every single second of this! Thank you
Hi Kyra - i erroneously posted my comments from another session above! My feelings after this time here with you are of deep thANKS!! what a lovely soothing smooothing steadying practise!
excellent class, thank you
very lovely practice! Thank You Kyra

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