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Season 3 - Episode 3

Fluid Grounding

40 min - Practice


Suzy guides us in a creative flow of standing balancing postures, twists, and revolved poses to feel both a sense of grounding and fluidity. You will feel open, strong, and aware.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Whew! Worked up a sweat with this one...but it felt sooooo good. Very happy to see a new season of Yoga Groove 💥💥💥
Loved the rolls polly vinyasa moves.
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Hi Suzy, This class was a wonderful surprise of moves. I have trouble with classes that are the same old flow and you do a great job of mixing it up and keeping the unexpected in yoga! I would really appreciate longer classes as I prefer 50-60 minute yoga and there aren't too many of them on this YogaAnytime.
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So much to love about this.
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Nice, Nice, Niiiiiice loved it thank you

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