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Your Body on Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 12

Experiential Psoas Test

5 min - Tutorial


Happy psoas, happy life. Kristin guides Linda into a psoas exercise to find both integration and strength.
What You'll Need: Chair

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Wish I had Linda's flexibility with that psoas! Do you have other sessions or exercises for the psoas? Mine is so tight!!!
My favorite posture for lengthening the psoas is moving slowly in and out of a lunge with the back knee down with your breath Kristi . I think that little gem is in the asana practice for the back body in season 2. I also observe in some people that the psoas isn't so much "tight" but holding on to a great deal of tension. Deep relaxation and Yoga Nidra work wonders to help reset the Nervous System. I'm sure there are a lot of awesome practices like that on this site. (I have one in another series called Body Poetry) Thank you so much for practicing with me!
I love your teachings Kristin Leal! Do you have asana practice to strengthen the psoas? I think mine might be loosey goosey lol! :D
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hahaha Christina me too! I don't have a specific class on strengthening the psoas but the exercise given here I found works wonders!!
You are the best Kristin Leal !  
aw thanks for being here Katrin!!

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