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Your Body on Yoga Artwork
Season 5 - Episode 3

Nervous System Hack

5 min - Tutorial


Kristin offers a talk and tutorial on ways we can use nostril breathing techniques to hack the nervous system.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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this is so interesting! Thank you for enlightening me and also helping me with a LH nostril ‘issue’ i encountered!
Awesome! Thanks for practicing with me Emfortee !
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Well! So cool to learn that this has an anatomical basis! And the armpit thing really works!! Regarding this "hack" my teacher showed me (years ago), an old traditional painting of a guru sitting with a little "crutch" that would just fit under an armpit when seated. It was used to promote meditation in the same way as your hack. I was told that when the flow (svara)in the two nostrils is even, is the best time for meditation.
Yes Kate ! I believe that was called a "danda" or "staff" which is where we get dandasana from!
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Fantastic explanation. Finally got it
Yugan Yay! I'm so happy it clicked with you:)
Hi Kristin! So relevant. What a crucial way to help pivot energy flow through the nadis to encourage activation or relaxation! Thank you! I was wondering about the biological reason behind our autonomical response of sending more blood flow to one nostril and then changing it to the other ever 88 mins - 4 hours. Why would the body need to have a dominant nostril?
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Such a good question Lily A and one that I've also asked around about with no satisfying answers:) My best guess is it's a way to maintain balance in the blood flow to the brain (regulating temp) but to be honest that's just a guess:)
Great tutorial. I had deviated septum surgery years ago and my right nostril is much more open than my left. I'll have to do these practices very often to try to balance thme out better. Many thanks for this information.
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ThanksVera O for practicing with me! So happy you are here!

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