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Your Body on Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 16

Summary: Season One

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Kristin recaps our first season together, and invites us to embark on season two with a sense of curiosity.
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May 27, 2018
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Thank you so much for joining us for season one. As we move through our bones, our muscles, movement, as we put it in a context of our yoga philosophy, I hope it actually leaves you with more questions than answers. I hope it leaves a spark of curiosity. I think that more knowledge leads us to more wonder rather than more answers. And so join us for season two as we take a closer look at our bodies and movement.


Janeissy A
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Season 1 was amazing! I am definitely in a place of wonder and awe. Thank you.
Kristin Leal
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Thanks Janeissy !! So happy that you enjoyed it!
Kim M
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Just fantastic . I’ve read a few books (Your Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark, being a favourite) but these videos made it much easier to understand.
For years I couldn’t understand why I was unable to sit cross legged. After years of karate practice, where sitting cross legged is also a common position, followed by Yoga something was still preventing me from sitting with ease and it wasn’t simply from lack of practice!
I did, at times, get a little frustrated by Yoga teachers who would say “you’ve got tight hips” etc. I instinctively knew this wasn’t the reason. I finally came across a teacher who said that in view of the length of time I had been practicing, and the fact that I couldn’t do it as a child either, it was, probably, a structural limitation. LIGHT BULB moment....I’ve been fascinated by anatomic structural differences ever since.
The sections with the different yogis doing the same movements and the use of the different femur bones - marvellous!
Janet L
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Kristin Leal you explain super well... very clear, I understood everything so well.
I have a passion for anatomy and some things that I did not understand, are now very clear.
Thank you very much...
Kristin Leal
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I'm so happy to hear that Janet ! Thank you so much for practicing with me:) Hope our paths cross again soon!
Kristin Leal
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Yes Kim !! I'm so happy that you are connecting to the videos! Thanks for watching!
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I have just finished watching Season 1 Kristin. I thoroughly enjoyed your clear, articulate explanations. Always interesting and informative. Although I've had teacher training and have had background in anatomy, your detailed explanations kept me at attention.
Kristin Leal
Gerdi thank you so much!! I'm so happy you're here!
Kim M
Kristin Leal have just received my copy of MetaAnatomy through the post (I was able to order it through Amazon UK) and would highly recommend it to anyone who has found your show as interesting as me. Thank you so much for making biology/anatomy so understandable and interesting. 🙏🏻
Kristin Leal
Thank you so much Kim !! That really means a lot to me. Thank you for being here!
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