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Season 1 - Episode 10

Seated Vinyasa Practice

15 min - Tutorial


Dylan breaks down the Ashtanga Primary Series seated vinyasa practice. We begin in Dandasana, honing our internal awareness, as we draw our attention towards the breath and bandhas. Together we slowly explore the vinyasa transitions and the essential ingredients for a smooth and enjoyable adventure.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you for this series Dylan. I'd been waiting for something like this!
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Thank you so much!
I'm truly glad that it is of service. Be in touch!
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I want yoga for people over 60 years old.
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Hi there Vandana, I sent you a note with some yoga show ideas. Love, K
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Really enjoyed the seated versions of the poses. Just what my body needed.
Hi Vanessa, I'm really glad that the seated poses were feeling great. Next season, I'm looking forward to microscoping an even deeper and more subtle level of detail so that some of these poses open up in profound ways! Cheer and blessings and be in touch! D
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Hi Dylan, this was the first taste of a Vinyasa flow for me. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I wasn't able to transition very smoothly and was a bit rigid, but really would like to do more of these so I shall try and complete the series and hopefully with practice I'll get better :). You are a great teacher, thanks for your service
Hi Szilvia! Glad to hear you're enjoying a new style of practice for you :)
Szilvia Thanks so much for your practice and appreciation. I do think this practice is best served by regular, if not daily, repetition. It will all grow, or build upon itself. I have done my level best to teach the core fundamentals that will smooth out any rigidity... I hope that it works well and would love to hear how your journey is progressing. keep well and keep practicing! D

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