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Season 1 - Episode 11

Let's Practice Ashtanga

50 min - Practice


Combining the elements of the Ashtanga practice that we've explored thus far, Dylan guides us through a shortened form of the Ashtanga Primary Series.
What You'll Need: Mat


Amazing what one can get done in 50 minutes, Dylan ! Super great session. I am experimenting with Ashtanga at the moment & find that most 90 minute classes are a bit too much for me energy wise - so this was just perfect. Many thanks, Cathy X
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Perfectly articulated and paced.
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What a lovely practice-- thank you! I'm a little confused, though. Are you beginning a posture by stepping back the right foot or the left? I feel like you are saying one thing and doing the other-- as if you are mirroring the posture/instructions as you would in front of a yoga class? Please clarify-- thank you! I look forward to doing this practice again and again.
Catherine and Eric -- Thanks so much for tuning in ! ;) I also am quite delighted by realizing just what a full and useful practice I can enjoy in one hour's time. Many mornings, that is all that I really get! Let us keep in touch -- and keep practicing!
Melissa You win the grand prize! You've caught me red-handed, or rather left-footed! In Ashtanga, we do step with our right foot back to the back of the mat each day. But for filming purposes, yes, I'm often mirroring the standing postures . Thanks so much for asking... It always feels bizarre for me to say, "step your right foot back," while I step my left. Glad to have the secret revealed. Whew!
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Whew! Shake it off-- the cat is out of the bag! No, really, thanks for clarifying. I used to practice in a Mysore setting five to six days a week and had much of the practice memorized. Then I moved to an area that didn't have Mysore and the time of the Ashtanga class (yes, one class in my area) was at a time that I could not do. So, I have been relying on home practice, but I had forgotten which foot leads as the months wore on. For what it's worth, I don't think teachers of Level 2 and up on Yoga Anytime need to mirror sequences. We, the participants, are more than likely a bit more seasoned and can rely on auditory cueing and not need to much visual instruction as I know I did when I was an absolute beginner. When I teach my classes, I offer mirrored visual instruction to my beginning classes, but not so much for the more advanced/seasoned students. So glad you are offering this series. It's nice to get my Ashtanga practice back!
Dylan Bernstein
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I am so happy to reconnect with Dylan. In the past, I have spent countless hours in Hong Kong as his student and moved to SoCal about 2 years ago. I was starting to build my daily practice again when I was invited to YogaAnytime and the timing was absolutely amazing and am now enjoying daily practices w my great teacher (and other great teachers on this site) once again.

English is a second language to my wife and find that Dylan is a master of simplifying communication so that his teachings are clear, fully understood and meaningful. What a great talent.

I am grateful to have this quality level back into my life and in my home where I again can find the time to practice regularly (between raising kids and all that life throws at me). This is game changing stuff!Dylan Bernstein
I loved this 50 minute practice, and like others, found it amazing how much could be explored in this practice. Your cues are so helpful to me. Thank you Dylan.
Dylan, In this quarantine I'm starting ashtanga practice with you. I hope it will be a pleasant journey. Thank you!
Great practice thank you
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