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Season 1 - Episode 11

Let's Practice Ashtanga

50 min - Practice


Combining the elements of the Ashtanga practice that we've explored thus far, Dylan guides us through a shortened form of the Ashtanga Primary Series.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Amazing what one can get done in 50 minutes, Dylan ! Super great session. I am experimenting with Ashtanga at the moment & find that most 90 minute classes are a bit too much for me energy wise - so this was just perfect. Many thanks, Cathy X
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Perfectly articulated and paced.
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What a lovely practice-- thank you! I'm a little confused, though. Are you beginning a posture by stepping back the right foot or the left? I feel like you are saying one thing and doing the other-- as if you are mirroring the posture/instructions as you would in front of a yoga class? Please clarify-- thank you! I look forward to doing this practice again and again.
Catherine and Eric -- Thanks so much for tuning in ! ;) I also am quite delighted by realizing just what a full and useful practice I can enjoy in one hour's time. Many mornings, that is all that I really get! Let us keep in touch -- and keep practicing!
Melissa You win the grand prize! You've caught me red-handed, or rather left-footed! In Ashtanga, we do step with our right foot back to the back of the mat each day. But for filming purposes, yes, I'm often mirroring the standing postures . Thanks so much for asking... It always feels bizarre for me to say, "step your right foot back," while I step my left. Glad to have the secret revealed. Whew!
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Whew! Shake it off-- the cat is out of the bag! No, really, thanks for clarifying. I used to practice in a Mysore setting five to six days a week and had much of the practice memorized. Then I moved to an area that didn't have Mysore and the time of the Ashtanga class (yes, one class in my area) was at a time that I could not do. So, I have been relying on home practice, but I had forgotten which foot leads as the months wore on. For what it's worth, I don't think teachers of Level 2 and up on Yoga Anytime need to mirror sequences. We, the participants, are more than likely a bit more seasoned and can rely on auditory cueing and not need to much visual instruction as I know I did when I was an absolute beginner. When I teach my classes, I offer mirrored visual instruction to my beginning classes, but not so much for the more advanced/seasoned students. So glad you are offering this series. It's nice to get my Ashtanga practice back!
Dylan Bernstein
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I am so happy to reconnect with Dylan. In the past, I have spent countless hours in Hong Kong as his student and moved to SoCal about 2 years ago. I was starting to build my daily practice again when I was invited to YogaAnytime and the timing was absolutely amazing and am now enjoying daily practices w my great teacher (and other great teachers on this site) once again.

English is a second language to my wife and find that Dylan is a master of simplifying communication so that his teachings are clear, fully understood and meaningful. What a great talent.

I am grateful to have this quality level back into my life and in my home where I again can find the time to practice regularly (between raising kids and all that life throws at me). This is game changing stuff!Dylan Bernstein

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