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Yoga as the Science of Inner Transformation Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Day 1: A Sense of Wonder

60 min - Talk


We begin Day 1, Chapter 1 with a guided meditation to begin to tap into a sense of wonder about the great mystery of life. In Chapter 2, Ravi offers a talk on yoga as the science of inner transformation, sharing that all spiritual teachings ask for a radical transformation of freedom from thyself. We continue with an exploration of what may stand in the way of finding this freedom. We conclude with an invitation for self-reflection.
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Nov 02, 2018
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Brilliant and thought-provoking exposition. I love the broad-ranging references to our many sacred traditions. In gratitude... namaste.
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Loved the idea that one can't be in awe (wonderment) and anxious at the same time. One of those lightbulb moments :). Accessible and thought-provoking presentation
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thank you Ravi Ravindra!
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Being able to access this articulate, rational, and inspiring teaching has been like coming across a lifeboat in a turbulent, chaotic sea. Many Thanks!
Kate - So happy you've found these teachings. Ravi has a very skillful and surprising way of touching the heart and blowing the mind! Enjoy! Love, Alana
Hi Shaz - That's exactly it! I personally find this teaching so helpful to reference again and again. We are so happy you're here and diving into Ravi's teachings on Transformation. What a gift. Warmly, Alana
Hi Sharon - How poetically articulated and so true. We are so happy that you are here and have discovered these teachings of Ravi's. Enjoy! Namaste, Alana

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