45 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 6

Chill and Release

45 min - Practice


Release and let go. In this chill practice, we move through a sequence to enjoy the movement of the breath and the body while exploring nourishing twists and hip and shoulder openers to allow yourself to let go and release tension.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block

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Aaaah....very chill 🤙
hi Jenny its good to have chill flows right??!! sometimes we do too much!!
It's true some of us drive ourselves relentlessly instead of letting the river's flow guide us. Perfect evening practice!
Fabulous antidote to sitting hunched at a desk. My shoulders were up around my ears before, they are now looooose 😊 Thank you!
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Hi Christel love your comment and its reminding me right now to check in so thank you!
Hi Susan YES!! glad you are feeling it!
Glorious practice, I love yin and restorative💕 Nice easy pace, wonderful stretches for the back, legs, shoulders, hips and sides. This is perfect for me, as I have low back issues. The block massage was fantastic for my back, and the hip stretches so wonderful. This will be my everyday session. So grateful to have found you and your teachings🌾🍃
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Hi Joan So glad you found the right fit for your practice! I know that other video was a challenge on your back so happy this one is a good one for you and thanks for the feedback...The first video of the 10 day challenge Heart Open challenge might also be a good one for you too!
I very much appreciated the kindness and warmth of your practice 😌
Hi Lauren So great to hear from you and glad you felt it!!
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