45-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 5

Detox Flow

45 min - Practice


Wade guides us in a detoxifying flow to let go of any physical, mental, and emotional junk. We work with a squeeze and soak technique with twisting and releasing so that fresh blood can flow through. You will feel a sweet sense of release and letting go.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Wow! I really needed this...the subtitle for this season should be “Monday Morning Wake Up Call!”
HI Jenny that has a good ring to it!!
Delicious! For me it's "Monday Refresh" before sleep time.
Let go of all the junk which had gathered during an intense Monday. So glad that I came to the mat Tuesday morning and now I can truly start a new day! Thank you for the gift of these practices. I continue to be amazed at how yoga has the ability to call you when you need it most.
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HI Christel I like the Monday Refresh!! I might still that for another series ahahah!!
Hi M Angela thanks for sharing this and inspiring others at the same time w your post...We all feel that calling, you just put it perfectly in words!
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I've been so stressed out. Physically and emotionally. This practice in addition to Brahmari Pranayama have really put me back in balance. Thank you
Hi Vanessa thanks for connecting and I'm so glad you found some calm and balance. I hope can use some of the tools to keep the stress away and share the good energy with others!
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That was yummy. A delicious way to start the day (belly empty of course)! So what I needed today.
HI Elissa ahahah yes belly empty is the best will all that core and twisting! have a great weekend!
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