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Season 3 - Episode 8

Catching Kechari

10 min - Practice


This season concludes with the crown chakra. With awareness in the tongue, Kira introduces us to Kechari Mudra and invites us to explore it's affects.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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(soothing ocean sound) So we've come to the crown chakra. We'll tune our awareness here, both in a seated meditation and then we'll move into a mudra called Gayatri mudra. This is a mudra where we're going to be bringing the tip of the tongue backwards up the palate. Now, the rumor is that our early Yogi brothers and sisters were so into this and they would cut the lower attachment of the tongue, which my friend tells me is called the friendulum, so that they could pull their tongue back deeper. I'm not going to suggest that as the practice today.

It doesn't seem so necessary. But we'll move slowly. We'll move in baby steps and just in an interest of perhaps touching a connection to the crown chakra and exploring a little bit the relationship here. So, I'm sitting up on two blankets. I've got one so that I have nice padding under my ankles.

And I've got a second one for height. Do please make sure you're comfortable. You might be in a chair. You might be on your couch. Just, make sure you're comfortable.

Okay, big delivered in now. Exhale everything. Let it happen and soften the lower belly. Soften the floor of the pelvis. And as you do this, as you soften the lower belly, as you soften the floor of the pelvis, let your jaw relax.

As you let your jaw soften, like we've been playing a lot with it. As you let your jaw soften, let you lips slightly part. Now maintain a sense of this softness as you rude enough through the ... to find the natural blossoming receptive generosity of the heart. And if you let your shoulders relax, your elbows bend and your palms turn up.

It helps, we've been playing so much with the relationship here. Like tenderness in the palms. Tune the alignment of your skull so that she feels balanced. I'm so hoping that from all this work you're really starting to more and more easily be able to slip in to this alignment, this central channel that really, she's waiting for you. An alignment is a cooperative affair.

Okay. Okay. Now just step on as you're starting to find the alignment of the skull. Just so that you have a little sense of this. Maybe just tune in your awareness right towards the top of your skull.

And most of us sometimes, we don't always feel it right in the center. Sometimes it tends to be a little bit more potent just in front of the center. More towards the forehead. Sometimes right in the center, you just have to see. Trust where you feel it.

And the play here is, can you just maybe use your imagination. Can you just let this area gently open more. Yeah. Okay. Now soften the jaw again like we've been practicing.

So soft and youthful in the gums. Let the teeth lose their bite. And now really start to become aware of the tongue. Like start to become aware of the fullness of her. Where is she sitting in your mouth.

Where is she resting. Is she at the back of the teeth. I guess she's resting against the bottom teeth. Actually let her do that. Let her rest against the bottom teeth.

That tip of her she can feel fluffy lips. And then so tenderly move the tip of her to rest at the back of the top teeth. Soften. And now this next request, you're gonna curl the tip of the tongue back a little bit. So that the underside of the tongue is just pressing up behind the front teeth on the first part of the soft palate.

So just, the slightest bit. Curl that under, press the back of the tongue there. And just pause. And let your pressure be light. You don't need anything from it, just, hello.

Soften the jaw kind in the eyes. And now start to notice any effect of this. And some of you might be correct to stay right here. Some of you might be correct to reposition the tongue, so she's just a little bit further back. So, you're just drawing her slightly back in the mouth.

Pressing and you can play with the pressure a little bit. I suggested a gentle pressure, but you can experiment a little bit in there. If you're pressing with a lot of force, back off. Soften the jaw, soften the teeth, kind in the eyes. Many of you, you know, this is intense enough.

Only as appropriate you might curl your tongue back a little bit more and see if you can find the very center of the top, on the palate, towards the crown chakra. And as you curl your tongue back and you're pressing up, again, you got to find the right amount of pressure. You'll know, 'cause it'll feel correct. Getting soft in the eyes. Not unusual to be experiencing a taste.

If you're experiencing a taste, notice sometimes it's a little metallic in the beginning. Sometimes it's quite sweet. Last few moments. Hands are soft, jaw is soft, eyes are soft. Only as you're ready, you'll relax the effort of this.

Relax the tongue in your mouth. Let her rest. Yeah. Let the crown in the head feel open. As you be.

Super sweet. Sit here as long as you like. So sweet to be together this season. So sweet to dive in. Namaste.


Claudia Jean
Thanks for this, Kira. I've often heard meditation instructions to soften the crown of the head, but I didn't have a clue how to go about doing that. Seems like this new-to-me mudra might help.
Kira Sloane
Dearest Claudia Jean, I look forward to finding out how it works. Let me know. xok

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