Yin Yoga Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 8

Release Your Hips

35 min - Practice


Alana guides us in a juicy Yin practice to find ease and freedom in our legs and hips. We explore the landscape of sensation for about 3 minutes in each posture exploring the shapes of Lizard, Mermaid, Funky Pigeon, and Butterfly.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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So nice and relaxing, at the same time refreshing...and funky pigeon feels sooo good!
Hi Jenny - So happy you're feeling relaxed and refreshed. Love that funky pigeon! Wishing you a wonderful day. xoA
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Alana you always seem to bring the practice I need. My legs and back have been so tight, the flossing was the stretch my legs and hips needed. LOVE the mermaid into pigeon, so gentle. Grateful for your guidance in Yin, I hope there are many more to come🌾🍃
Hi Joan, I'm so happy to hear this. Yes, mermaid into pigeon is a sweet and gentle transition. Enjoy your practice. Love, Alana
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Talks way to much and kinda gets carried away and giddy
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Yoga has totally changed my life. I do it daily. My original goal was 3 times a week and a lot of the credit for that goes to you. Your instruction style is exactly right for me. Somehow you perfectly time “unclench the butt” or “relax the face” exactly when I’m doing those things! And my hips and shoulders are so much better then when I started. Question: Is there a way to modify stances where you bend the toes back? I’ve had bunion surgery on both big toes and although I can manage to do a downward dog it’s not the good kind of pain.
Dear June, I am thrilled to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your experience of Yoga. Like you, I find consistency makes a huge difference in how I feel inside and how I respond to the world around me. Regarding your question, in general it's important not to push through pain, so modifying is the way to go! Can you give me a few examples of stances that irritate or trigger a pain response in your toes? For example, does it happens with curling or tucking the toes in cat/cow or a lunge? Sometimes adding extra padding or cushion to your mat can be useful (and second mat on top or adding a towel/blanket) under the feet. A substitute for downward dog could be a standing forward fold (with knees bent). You may have heard this referred to in sanskrit as "Uttanasana." This way your feet and toes are flat on the floor. Please keep me posted with any questions, comments, or insights that arise during your yoga practice. Warmly, Alana
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Hi Alana, Curling the toes is not a problem. Doing cat/cow is. Also, the step back on a lunge. Doing a plank is almost impossible. Lastly, when we “rock back and forth and spring forward”. Ouch. Downward dog is only a slight problem because I can’t get my heals down yet. Anytime my foot is shaped like I’m in high heals there’s pain
Hi June, A few modifications... for Plank, try keeping your knees on the mat (with the top of your feet/toes on the mat). For Lunge, experiment with Low Lunges, keeping the back knee down (and the top of the foot/toes on the mat). For Downward Dog, you might it at the WALL on with a chair. Here are a few examples:
Downward Dog 101
Lunge Salute with Chair
There are also many great practices on the site that are active, but do not include plank, down dog, and lunges. I suggest Yoga Rx with Patricia and Nathan: Yoga Rx
Please keep me posted, June. We are here fo
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nice way to relax/decompress in the p.m. after getting back into running in the a.m. thanks. :)
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