Yoga for Emotions Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Grounding the Feet

45 min - Practice


Sometimes we need help feeling our feet on the ground. Sonia assists us in tapping into the apana vayu, or downward flowing wind, to help us feel supported and held without losing a sense of play and fun. The series of supine and standing postures will leave you feeling relaxed and connected to the earth.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thanks for the heartfelt teaching . Can feel your healing presence even though by video.
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I love your teaching style!!
Thanks for your feedback astrid
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Come back!
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sublime, subtle, really enjoying your sweet ability to be in your body and teach us how to be in ours. I also love the little "sighs" and "ahhs" that you naturally express during the practice.... it shows that you are really present and doing this with us, and not just "talking to" but "talking with" us... You are experiencing what we are experiencing, but in your own body. Brilliant!
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I completely agree with all the comments. Interesting that something so grounding is so heavenly! Thank you Sonia.
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I agree with all the comments. I rewound the balance moves and turned my back to the video screen, locking into a point. It made a huge difference. I can't sit back in my heals, but figured out alternatives before you suggested. You helped me be in my shoulder blades and be in my pelvis. I had trouble opening my heart, but I practiced it while cooking dinner. 
Hi David, after you comments i feel like revisiting this practice again...thanks for the inspiration and for doing those practices with me.
Thank you! I will see you on the mat soon.  

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