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Chakra Course Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Chakra 1: Muladhara

75 min - Practice


Jasmine welcomes us to our Muladhara Chakra practice with a brief introduction, before moving into a 60-minute flow sequence designed to strengthen, balance, and awaken our roots. Jasmine then shares the characteristics of the first chakra in a 20-minute talk, leaving us with suggested reflection questions and homework. You will feel grounded and connected.

See the attached PDF chart for this chakra.

What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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This was so provocative. I’m all in for doing this deep work, and so thankful for your wisdom and guidance along the way. 🎋
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Jenny, so happy you find the work helpful!! Let me know what you experience after the last practice! 
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I started this course with you today, Jasmine! And I'm just over the moon to be on this journey with you. You are so soothing and supportive. Thank you for creating this!
what a wonderful class and explanations! Thank you very much Jasmine!
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I was hoping that chakra yoga would appear on YA!! Yay! I did a teacher training with Anodea Judith a few years back and found it very thought provoking. She has a number of books published on the subject that are quite good... It is lovely to dive in again with your guidance.
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I loved this practice. I found it reassuring and nurturing. I look forward to exploring this whole series. Thank you.
So happy to hear Alison and that you will be exploring the whole course! Looking forward to hearing which one stood out to you most. 
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Kate So happy you found the course and grateful to YA! I love Anodea Judith's books and am very inspired by them. Hoping the work becomes integrated through asana!
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Chanda, Me too. I love this work and so happy to hear to be on the journey with YOU! Enjoy every moment of self discovery.
Noa Vered Terry, I'm so thrilled you found it helpful. Thank you fo joining me on this journey!
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